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World Snow Day: 8 Fantastic Bulldogs Enjoying Winter

Featured image by @butterbean_oscar
Is there anything more adorable than a Bulldog playing in the snow? We bet there’s not! That’s why we decided to take for a walk on Bulldogology town to cover the World Snow Day celebration among the bullies. They’re super excited about the day where they build more snow angels than ever, and they can model their best winter outfits. Therefore, this is a huge day for our citizens, and you can have exclusive access scrolling down and watching the highlights of this important day of the year.

1. When it’s whiteout, the best thing you can do is sit and wait until somebody finds you.

2. Every girl is ready to meet her Jon Snow on a day like this.

3. Make sure your parents dress you in brilliant colors this day!

4. I’m not planning to play with these kids. This day is only for me.

5. Catch the stick loses all the sense when you compare it with grab the snow thing.

6. Don’t leave me behind, please! I can’t run with all this snow around.

7. No better time to walk and reflect on all the things you wished for this year.

8. The best thing about snow is that can eat it, and it tastes so good!

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