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8 Funny Bulldogs Celebrating St. Nicholas Day 2017

Featured image by @chunkie_charlie
Our favorite Holiday’s character has his honor day, and we should celebrate it. In consequence, Bulldogology town got ready to celebrate St. Nicholas Day next to our Bulldogs. Therefore, many of them decided to wear Santa’ costume and play around the city. Besides, some of them are ready too for joining Sant on his Christmas journey!

1. I still don’t understand why I have to be the elf. But, let’s pretend I’m Ok with that.

2. First of all, I deserve my own Santa. Secondly, I don’t have to give an explanation.

3. Who else is excited about St. Nicholas Day? Let’s go party hard this year!

4. I think I look awesome in this costume. But, please don’t take many pictures.

5. We’re ready to help Santa. So, let’s celebrate St. Nicholas Day once again!

6. Yes, I know I’m the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, and you want to kiss me.

7. Little Bulldog Santas ready to play with you this Christmas and make you happy.

8. Here, waiting for the kids to go to sleep so I can open their presents.

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