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Sunny Day: Why Beagles Love To Be Outdoors

Featured Photo Credit: @kelsothebeagle
Who hasn’t been in the park on a sunny day and suddenly a Beagle appears from nowhere? Isn’t the happiest moment when some of these friends decide to share its presence with us and make our life more beautiful. These babies love the sun to go out and play in the park or in the garden, smell some flowers and find some other Beagle friends to hang out for a while. Watch this selection of pretty babies outdoors in a fantastic sunny day.

1. When my humans say: “let’s go out” I just have to look stylish.

2. Don’t be afraid, we’re triple Beagle trouble, but we worth the effort.

3. Let’s found out some very cool treasures hidden in this garden.

4. Kisses and more kisses for our beautiful mom because we love her.

5. I love the time I can spend with my friend even if he’s not a Beagle.

6. Let’s pretend nobody is watching how gorgeous I am.

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