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Rare Bullies: 7 Beautiful Tabby Bulldogs Having Fun

Featured image by @shanon_71
We’ve seen white, gray, chocolate, black Bulldogs. But, now it’s the time for a particular kind. It’s time for Tabby Bulldogs out there! Thus, we took our Bulldogology Town map and started our journey to catch the most incredible babies. Surprisingly, they were more than we expected, but we selected just the best from the best. Kepp scrolling and feel your bully heart with tabby love.

1.  I know you want to see my exclusive fur, but I’m only going to show you my tongue!

2. They said that in my past life I was a giant tiger, but I was supposed to be a cute pet in this life.

3. Mom, I think we all get that I’m a tabby Bulldog. So, there’s no need for my flying in the air picture.

4. Tabby Bulldog kisses for the cutest mom in Town because she always knows better.

5. How seductive do I look in this position? Yes, I look good because I’m the hottest tabby Bulldog in town.

6. Do you want me to pose like this? Because I look good from any angle, I’m a tabby Bulldog.

7. Tabby Bulldogs know how to have real fun all day long!

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