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Gratitude Month: 8 Thankful Bulldogs Counting Their Blessings

Featured image by @james_the_english_bulldog
We know how much you care about your baby. But, we wanted you to know that they care a lot about you too. Therefore, we celebrate Gratitude Month for the first time in Bulldogology town. During this month we interviewed some of our thankful Bulldogs so that they can tell how much appreciate their lives. Keep scrolling and melt with these tender messages.

1.Thank you for loving me. But, it’s not so hard to love someone who wears a bunny costume.

2. To be thankful bulldogs, we have to help our bodies feel better. Although is your human doing the exercise.

3. I just love to look at the window because I get the chance to thank for all my blessings.

4. Raise your hands if you’re thankful bulldogs. But, don’t do it if you only thank food.

5. I would like to say that I’m thankful for this picture because I’ll get many likes.

6. This is my face when I think of how many benefits you have just for being a Bulldog.

7. Thank you, mom. Even though I hate this toy because I just wanted food.

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