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The Best Pee Pads for Dogs and Why They Work

What should be one of the initial steps before bringing your new puppy home?

Stock up on the best pee pads for dogs.

Easy answer.

The first few weeks after bringing your new pet home can be some of the most fun and exciting of your life.

It’s something all-new owners experience, right?

But we also quickly realize that it’s not a period of total fun and games.

You know what we’re talking about.

There’s also plenty of cleaning…and mopping…and cleaning…and mopping…

…and cleaning…

Sound familiar enough?

Until you’ve learned how to train a puppy to some extent, there will always be a tinge of sourness to your days together. And like we’ve mentioned before, potty training is simple, but it takes time and patience regardless.

There’s no escaping that.

And during this period your second-best friend – after your little pooch – could well be your trusted stack of puppy training pads.

For those who’ve used them before, you know the feeling. And for those who haven’t yet – you’ll find out soon enough if you give them a try.

Pet Training and Puppy Pads

best puppy pads

Many owners believe that puppy training padseven the best puppy dog pee pads – are a luxury.

And frankly, we can see the point – you can do very well with your puppy’s potty training even without the best dog pee pads. But can you honestly say you fully realize all the benefits of using puppy training pads?

And besides, do you know that puppy pee pads come in handy in a variety of other situations apart from potty training.

You read that right.

For instance, pee pad need not be just for dogs. The best pee pad works just as well for kitties too.

Funnily, not a lot of owners think of that.

And then, they can be pretty handy for grown dogs as well – like housebreaking an insecure older dog.

A new dog, however old, is more often than not a little unnerved by a new home. And housebreaking in such cases can get a little messy. So you can see how having some dog pee pads at hand couldn’t hurt.

But hold your horses. There’s more…

How Dog Pee Pads Aren’t Just for Puppies

Let’s go through some situations where the best pee pads can be a great help:

  1. Housebreaking – and not just puppies, like we mentioned earlier before they can start eliminating consistently outside.
  2. As a Clean, Reliable Alternative to the Outdoors – not all owners have easy and safe access to a “regular spot” outside for their pets to eliminate in.
  3. For Owners Working Long Hours – if you can’t hire a dog sitter or walker for whatever reasons, having your puppy trained to eliminate on dog pee pads can be a blessing
  4. Bad Weather Crutch – snowing heavily outside? Raining cats and dogs (sorry)? Spread a pee pad out for your pup and you’re good!
  5. For Old or Sick Dogs – it’s not just puppies who have trouble holding it in. Unfortunately old age or sickness can lead to incontinence in your dog. And puppy pee pad can be a lifesaver for such situations.
  6. Cats that use pee pads – In fact, cat or kitten that uses pee pads, as well. A new cat or kitten may take time in recognizing the litter box. And then there’s also the fact that not everyone likes having a litter box at home.

As you can see, having a stock of dog pee pads at home can be really handy in a number of situations.

But even if you realize that, how do you go about arriving on the right fit for your pup?

Potty Pads for Dogs

What to Look for in Your Search for the Best Pee Pads for Dogs

Your search for the best pee pads isn’t going to be as complicated as you might think.

The things you should be looking for are pretty straightforward.

Let’s get straight into it:

1. Foremost – That They Are Super Absorbent

It can’t be enough that your puppy pee pad of choice performs just marginally better than a wad of rags.

And what determines super absorbent is the quality of materials used and the number and functionality of the layers that make the pad.

If the pee pads have a healthy amount of polymer within the layers, they turn out to be pretty good.

There is now technology built for more absorbency material. It modifies the absorbed waste into a gel form material that helps to control odor and prevent further leaks.

Look out for cheap pee pads that are not super absorbent, as most companies only provide fewer polymer materials.

It’s recommended for the most absorbency type of pee pad, you want to find one with a lot of absorbing polymers.

2. Size(s) Matter

Size can be a major concern for owners looking for dog pads for adult or sick dogs or puppies of large breeds. Small and many medium-sized breeds usually have no trouble with most dog pads in the market, the regular large size of 24″ x 24″.

Make sure you check on the size before purchasing it.

For bigger dog breeds you’ll want to find any size bigger than 24″ x 35″ extra large.

3. That They Also Fight Odor

A number of products nowadays have odor-controlling capabilities.

Usually, this is linked to the pad materials that neutralize most of the unpleasant smell. There are some that have fragrances included. If you don’t like any fragrance smell, make sure you find one that’s non-fragrance.

However, it’s usually wise to have at least a faint odor about the pee pad, so your puppy can find the pee pad easily when it’s in training.

4. That They Have Added Convenient Features

Having satisfied yourself with the main qualities explained above, a few extra features can make life simpler and more convenient in ways unimaginable.

If you’ve tried puppy pads before and your dog ends up chewing up the dog pads, you’ll want pads that have adhesive corners on the bottom!

The sticky tape on the corners of these pads would be quite a blessing as they stick on to floors and keep the pee pad in place.

Sticky tapes would definitely prevent messes were other pads may be dragged or slid across the floor by accident, leaving a mess.

Here’s Your Best Pee Pad Solution…

Why Pee PadsWhen it comes to the best puppy pee pads, it can be a little tricky narrowing down your options.

There’s much to consider – size, absorbency, and features like odor-blocking, to say the least.

So sifting through all those reviews and recommendations can be a little tiring.

But hang on…

Fortunately, we at Bulldogology have a safe bet for you on offer.

And it could well be the exact thing you’re looking for.

For starters, our premium puppy training pads come in a convenient choice of sizes.

That’s right!

So if you’re worried about your puppy missing the mark or something – you can have the added assurance of our extra large pee pad.

And then there are features and benefits of our training pads:

  • Ultra Absorbent Training pads with 6 Layers – not just two, three, or even four layers. Six layers. For insurance.
  • Extra grams of Super Polymer Absorption with Bullsorbent® Polymer Technology – one of the aforementioned six layers include one with an extra polymer that boosts absorbency way beyond regular potty pads.
  • Leak Proof Added protection – to complement the superabsorbent polymer layer, we also include layers of non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, waterproof PE film, and a double layer of tissue.
  • Added Attractant – making sure your Dog knows where to do its business.
  • Odor blocking – perhaps the most important thing after absorbency, correct?
  • 4 Corner adhesive sticky tapes – a lot of regular pee pads will easily be dragged around all over your floor by your restless pup

And that’s not all…

We also have a special carbon-activated training pad variant of our premium dog pee pads.

carbon tech pads01

The added Activated Carbon Tech will give you that added assurance over concerns about lingering odor or absorbency, both large and extra large.

Not that you particularly need any.

And as added bonuses for our customers, Bulldogology also includes:

  • Free shipping over $35 for all deliveries in the US
  • And, a free gift of our Housebreaking Confidence guide to guide you through potty training your puppy

That’s paw-some stuff!

Just for you…

Knowing what you know now about how the best pee pads can really help you through your puppy’s potty training, you should at the least give those wee wee training pads a shot.

They’re worth a shot, aren’t they?

And we hope you found all you need to know about choosing the best pee pads.

Because once you zero in on the right one for your puppy, you’ll be wondering what you were doing without.

Believe it.

  • No more scrubbing and mopping away after your puppy’s – or indeed your cat’s – accidents.
  • No more fretting over hygiene.
  • No more bundles of soiled and stinking rags, tissue, and wipes in your trash.

And no more stains on your floor or rug.

That’s like 90% of the battle when it comes to potty training. Try Bulldogology dog training pads today risk-free or your money-back gaunratee!

Try Bulldogology Premium Pet Training Pads Today!

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