Top 4 Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers

Looking for dog toys that can’t be destroyed for sale clearly suggests one thing:

Your puppy is a bit of a chewer. Isn’t he?

When it comes to chewing – be it when your puppy’s teething or is just a notorious little chew monster – toys are the best-known way to distract and occupy your puppy.

Not just that:

Toys can be the saviors for your more valued possessions as well.

However, with the glut of chew toys – plush, “extreme” or otherwise – flooding the market, how do you go about chew-sing the right one?

Fret not, we have you covered…here we highlight some of the better doggies chew toys for your express consideration.

And at the end of it, you may well have found that elusive treasure – dog chew toys that meet all of your puppy’s chewy needs.

Read on to find out…

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right, Most Indestructible Dog Toys

With so many products to choose from finding the most durable dog toys can be a tough proposition.

How does one start?

For starters, you should know what kind of chewer your dog is. For instance, whether she’s:

  • Teething and just looking for some release
  • Agitated and taking it out on stuff she can find
  • Chewy in a boisterous, playful sense
  • Just bored and chews like some of us like to manicure orally

Understanding that can go a long way towards selecting the right kind of tough dog toy that will make your puppy happy.

Wait…There are Kinds of Durable Dog Toys?

You’d think there are just the hard rubbery or plastic kinds, and the flimsy, squeaky kinds of durable dog toys for most aggressive chewers.

But that’s not all!

You also have:

  • Soft Rubber Toys
  • Rubber Frisbees and Discs
  • Rope Toys for Tugging
  • And Even Ones Deemed Plush But Tough Toys for Dogs!

A bit confusing, isn’t it?

So which one(s) fit your puppy the best chew toy?

Since each dog is different, it all depends on his or her personality and needs such as those we mentioned in the previous section.

For instance, a puppy just testing out his teeth with constant not-so-hardcore chewing may be happy with a durable soft rubber toy.

On the other hand, if he is something of a chewosaurus rex, you may be better off with a heavy-duty KONG Extreme toy lest you intend to buy a new chew toy every few days.

Similarly, for puppies who love to indulge in playful chewing, rope toys and Frisbees help distract them from your hands.

Keep in Mind that Safety Trumps Longevity, Cost, and Other Factors

Your dog chew toys of choice should naturally be perfectly safe to be spending so much time being chewed on.

Think about it.

You don’t want a toy that essentially has toxic dyes or plastics being slobbered on all day by your precious.

Taking the time to check the specifications, and general reviews can go a long way towards avoiding trouble later.

Never compromise on things like:

  • Unsafe, toxic material and dyes
  • Small, flimsy parts that your puppy could swallow or choke on
  • Material that is too hard and might harm your puppy’s teeth
  • Also, make sure you’re getting a product appropriate for your dog’s breed and size – the best dog toy for pit bulls would be entirely different from those for terriers or dachshunds.

Also, and this is pretty much a universal caveat, take advertising with a healthy pinch of salt…

Nothing is truly indestructible, now, is it? Don’t underestimate your puppy’s determination to grind away at the toy till something gives.

Even the strongest dog toys might have some flaw or the other, however minor – be suspicious, for your puppy’s sake.

And indestructible squeaky dog toys of the soft, plush type are unicorn-rare. Ditto for the toys that have materials like vinyl and latex.

4 of the Best Indestructible Dog Toy – A Quick Comparison

Indestructible Dog Toy See for best selection and value. #commissionsearned

Reviews of The Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

As you could see from the table, there’s some tough competition even in this niche segment of pet supplies.

There’s a lot of supposed dog toys for strong chewers out there.

It’s crazy.

Heck, if you look hard enough you might even stumble upon a whole range of toys for bulldogs in particular. “Indestructible chew toys for bulldogs” – it’s not entirely inconceivable.

So sifting through the horde to pick out the best chew toy is a tedious, but crucial step.

Like we said earlier, you don’t want to compromise with chew toys.

So we’ve done some groundwork for you to get a look at the cream of the crop.

The table lists some of the best dog toys available. And you may safely consider these, or even check them out to get a better idea of what your puppy needs.

Either way, let’s get to it:

West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc1. The West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc Chew Toy

This is a quality product by West Paw Design that combines good design, great utility, and safety.

The Frisbees – or “Ziscs”, as they’re branded – are pretty eye-catching, and will look inviting to any playful pup.

West Paw dog toy are available in small and large sizes, you can pick the right fit for your breed.

More importantly, though, they’re built to last for a dog that’s chewy, but not hell-bent on destroying everything.

It’s not a chew toy proper, after all. But if you’re looking for a quality disc that’s not brittle in your puppy’s jaws, is flexible, and flies well too – The West Paw is the product for you.

The material is tough enough to withstand your pup’s gnashing as he catches, fetches, and even tugs at it.

But it’s also soft enough to both ensure your puppy’s teeth aren’t harmed, while also remaining intact.

Essentially, West Paw dog toy are also FDA-compliant so you needn’t worry at all about toxic materials in its build. And for added karma, you can rest easy knowing that the material is recycled by the company through its own initiative.

A flexible, FDA-compliant, environment-friendly disc that you can fly, float and even tug to your pup’s content. You don’t need much else beyond this creation by West Paw Design. #commissionsearned

Goughnuts2. The Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring

While soft-rubber flying discs might not hold up to, say, a large pit bull who loves to chew things to bits, the classic Goughnuts Original Chew Ring most likely will.

After all, the company literally guarantees it.

Goughnuts has something of a “blanket guarantee” on all its products. If any user’s dog chews its way past the outer layer to the red-colored inner layer in the toy, Goughnuts will provide a replacement.

The red layer’s emergence is also a signal for users to immediately stop their dogs from chewing. So it gives you advance warning that the puppy may harm himself if he chews any further.

This is one of the few indestructible toys for dogs that are giving KONG some good competition.

Of course, it’s not always indestructible – a strong, obsessed chewer who’s clever and patient enough to pick his way through the tough outer layer may eventually find his way inside.

But such specimens are rare. Most dogs will have a tough time breaking this one down.

Made of safe, but quite durable material, it can withstand some serious chewing by the larger breeds of dog.

And get this:

It’s really versatile as well. It bounces and floats too, and also can be rolled around in a game of fetch.

The Goughnuts Original is worth the price, especially if you have a particularly destructive chewer on your hands. #commissionsearned

KONG Extreme Dog Toy3. The KONG Extreme Dog Chew Toy

KONG is rightly one of the market leaders in dog toys. And especially known for its range of high-grade, near-indestructible for chewers.

The material they’ve come up with for their chew toys is well-known for being both safe and super-tough.

The approval of various policing forces around the world preferring KONG chew toys for training their dogs is a heavy endorsement indeed.

They come in more than the three size options as is the norm, so you can get just the right fit for your puppy.

And each KONG Extreme has space within which you can stuff tasty treats. So your puppy will be doubly occupied, focusing on getting them out.

This works really well in other situations besides staving off boredom or distracting your pup from chewing out household items.

For instance, it’s a popular ruse to keep puppies occupied during crate training to help them get used to the crate quicker.

It can also be used as a tool for redirecting attention when your puppy is misbehaving on walks or during training.

And with the good bounce, it has combined with its shape, this chew toy can be great fun for your puppy to chase, fetch and kick around with its uneven bounce.

No wonder KONG toys are considered classics.

Jolly Pets Romp Roll Ball4. The Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball

The Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball is awesome to own if your puppy is a playful little thing.

This ball is pretty hardy – virtually impossible to collapse even if your little tornado manages to puncture it.

The fact that it’s big, bright, and floats on water, makes it excellent for pool games with your pooch.

And, of course, being a ball its primary function in life is to be thrown about and fetched promptly.

But that’s not all…

This indestructible dog ball toy is more versatile than that. It even has a rope attached to the ball.

Puppy is tired of running around playing fetch? Get into a tugging war with her instead!

While the rope may not be as indestructible as the ball, it’s still a great toy without it.

And besides, it’s not too hard to replace the rope with a substitute yourself.

This one is made of safe, non-toxic rubber, and you can choose between three options in size.

You don’t need to overthink the Rope-n-Roll ball. When it promises that much fun for both you and your pup. #commissionsearned


That’s it for our list of five great choices among indestructible dog toys for the chewers.

You may have noticed that there was a ranking of the toys considered in the table, and will perhaps be wondering how they were determined.

Frankly, each owner would look to his own puppy’s needs and preferences before making the choice.

And so objectively, there can be more than one choice for favorites in this case.

That’s why even though we’ve ranked the West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc as our top choice, we’d like to count the tough and reliable Goughnots Ring alongside the Zisc.

Our choices were primarily made by valuing the products’ safety, functionality, and the resultant value for money spent.

The Zisc with its varied uses, and the Goughnuts Ring – while a tad expensive, makes up for it through its “indestructibility” and safety features.

But considering how different each product is, it wouldn’t be a misstep to get more than one.

More joy for your pup!

We hope you found this piece on indestructible dog toys informative in your quest to satiate your chewy little friend.

Please do make suggestions and let us know of your own experiences if you’ve used any of these dog chew toys, or believe another one deserves a spot on this list!

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