Top 9 Popular Bulldog Vacation Spots [ Photos of Bulldogs on Vacation]

featured image by @galileobulldog

Did you know that Bulldogs also love to go on vacation? Like you, they don’t just stay in front of the TV or playing in the backyard, but also travel in different parts of the world! Do you have a bucket list? Don’t be surprised that these cute fat, wrinkly bullies have their own bucket list too which could be longer than yours. In this article you will learn the popular vacation spots where Bulldogs love to do and the reason why. Check out these photos and see if you want to add any of them in your own bucket list.

1. Gold Coast Queensland. “I love this place! Even though I haven’t found the gold, at least I am posing with this queens.”

2. Denmark. “Everyone loves me here! I even made a new friend!”

3. “Eiffle Tower, France. “When you find a lady as lovely as her, pretend you’re lost so she could take you home!

4. Barcelona, Spain. “Done with my drink and counted my piggy bank. And still she hasn’t taken enough selfies.

5. Philippines. “I am on a diet. This grass tastes  so good. Yum!.

6. Korea. “Trying to look Asian, so I could fit in!

7. Saint Petersburg, Russia. I love this place so much, I couldn’t believe I’m leaving today.”

8. San Diego, CA. “You got it right! We are so laid back in San Diego.”

9. Thailand. “Shopping while in Thailand is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get!

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