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7 Beautiful Bulldogs Celebrating Walk The Dog Day 2018

Featured image by @meetmossthebulldog
Let’s celebrate the Walk The Dog Day 2018 next to our beautiful baby runners. So, let’s prepare our coats and shoes for a big walking adventure. Also, they want to tell us how good is walking on their regular diet. Ultimately, prepare your phone and take your bully for a ride!

1. Are you gonna stay there watching? If so, please, let me walk alone.

2. Please, take me to somewhere warmer because I’m freezing.

3. I want to show the entire city because you only go to work and come back home.

4. Nothing like walking with your best friend in the middle of a snowstorm.

5. Let’s shake this wrinkles over the city on the Walk The Dog Day

6. We love dad. But, honestly, we want to walk alone today.

7. Turn your smartphone off. Otherwise, I’ll take the walk by myself.

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