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World Water Day: Bulldogs Celebrating The Most Important Element

The World dedicates this day to celebrate clean water and how important it is for every living being on the planet. Although most of it is salty, we celebrate all of it! But people also want to bring awareness to those places where there’s not enough or can’t drink. Therefore, our Bulldogs also joined the Water Day Celebration sharing a few thoughts encouraging the cause and telling how much they enjoy the water in any time of the year.

1. Nothing like water to feel calm, safe, in peace, and also have a little fun.

2. We celebrate water playing with it, swimming and exploring new places.

3. Daddy wants us to play in the pool because he is trying to show me how good water is.

4. I’m waiting for a beautiful girl to show he all the water’s benefits. Come here, beautiful!

5. I don’t like swimming that much. I accepted because today’s is an important day to celebrate.

6. You better don’t leave me alone, or swimming lessons are over. Please grab me, daddy!

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