Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed? Tips on How to Stop It


Dogs are widely recognized for their loyalty and affection, often bringing immense happiness to their owners. Yet, they can occasionally display bothersome behaviors. An example of this is when your dog pees on the bed.

If your dog pees on your bed, you’re probably irritated. Your bed might be ruined by dog urine. Also, if the urine odor is present, your dog may be attracted to urinate in the same spot again.

The first step toward resolving this issue is to answer the question, “Why does your dog pee on your bed?” In this article, we will look at some of the most common ones and offer tips on how can you stop them.

Lack of Training

Another reason your dog may be peeing on your bed is that he or she has not been properly trained. Male dogs and female dogs must be taught where and when it is proper to pee. They may perceive your bed as just another place to relieve themselves if they haven’t been properly trained.

Some dogs appear to be mostly housetrained but subsequently, develop a preference for relieving themselves indoors. To train your dog to stop peeing on your bed, it is critical to offer continuous dog training and positive reinforcement to your dog.

Territorial Marking

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After all, not every peeing on the bed accident is an accident. Dogs will sometimes use pee to mark things, even your bed. According to American Kennel Club research, dogs do not mark to claim territory, but rather to indicate, “I was here.”

Many intimidated or scared canines will turn to this behavior, frequently in response to a new addition to the family, such as a newborn or another pet. It’s also more prevalent in a puppy who hasn’t been spayed or neutered. House training and behavioral modification can help to reduce territorial marking.

Medical Issues

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Dogs with urinary tract infections, bladder stones, or other health issues may struggle to regulate their pee, resulting in accidents on your bed.

A urinary tract infection is unpleasant and causes frequent urine. This makes it tough for your dog to hold it until it is appropriate to go outdoors. Any change in potty behavior might be due to a physical reason.

If you feel that your dog is peeing on your bed as a result of other medical conditions, you should take them to the doctor as soon as possible. Any underlying medical disorders that may be causing the behavior will be diagnosed and treated by the veterinarian.

Anxiety or Stress

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Stress and anxiety in young dogs can be caused by changes in their schedule, loud noises, or separation anxiety. When a dog is stressed or anxious, it might rely on peeing on your bed as a means of marking behavior indicating its territory, or taking comfort.

Dogs frequently appear guilty after peeing on your bed, but this is not their way of admitting they were wrong. In this case, you will see your dog peeing on the bed because they are terrified.

It is essential to identify and address the root of your dog’s worry or stress. This can involve providing them with a secure and comfortable atmosphere, employing relaxing tactics like music or pheromone diffusers, or seeking expert treatment.

Dog Aging

Older dogs lose control of their bladder and may deteriorate. This might result in accidents on your bed or in other places in the house.

Many elderly dogs, might suffer from a condition in which they leak urine and wet their bed owing to a loss of strength in the muscle that helps the senior dogs hold dogs pee in. 

Sometimes hormone drugs or pharmaceuticals that focus on the nerves that feed the muscle might help treat this issue. They may need to be given as seldom as once a week.

Submissive Urination

Submissive urination is more typical in younger dogs that are developing confidence, but it can occur in older dogs as well.

Fortunately, The Humane Society of the United States can send you on the correct track. If your dog pees after being exposed to the following stimuli, you are most likely dealing with submissive urination:

  • Agitated or loud voices
  • Someone approaching and welcoming them
  • A commotion, such as sirens blasting

Tips on How to Stop Your Dog to Pee on Your Bed

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Since each dog and owner’s circumstances are unique, so will the strategy for fixing the problem. The following are the best ways to prevent your dog from peeing on your bed.

Clean Your Bed

The first step in preventing future bed accidents is to properly clean your bed, comforter, and pillows with an enzymatic urine cleaner.

If your dog has peed on the bed, properly clean it to remove any aroma that could attract them back. Ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided since they might lure your dog back to the same location.

Potty Training

If your dog is not completely potty trained, you must take efforts to educate them on where they should go for potty breaks. Maintain a consistent routine of bringing them outdoors for bathroom breaks and rewarding them with food for their right behavior and praise when they do.

Try some remedial house training once your veterinarian has granted your dog a good health checkup. With continual supervision, you can keep your dog from having accidents.

If you notice your dog urinating on your bed, quickly interrupt them and take them outside to urinate in the prescribed location.

Keep Your Dog Off the Bed

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If your dog tends to hop on your bed, it could be time to instruct them to stay away from it. You may accomplish this by restricting your dog’s access to your bedroom, using baby barriers, or locking the bedroom door.

Put a leash on your pet and instruct him or her to lie down and stay with you when you enter and exit your bedroom, such as while getting ready for work. The leash is not punishment, but rather a reminder that you want his cooperation.

Alternatively, you may get a dog bed and set it next to your bed so your pet has a comfy place to sleep.

Check Out for Medical Issues

Before you address your dog’s behavior, rule out any health problems. A urinary tract infection or weak bladder stones are two examples of underlying health conditions that might lead to your dog peeing in inappropriate areas. 

Take your dog to the veterinarian right away if you observe any additional indications of kidney disease, such as lethargy, lack of appetite, or vomiting.

Stay Calm

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It’s reasonable that anger will be your initial emotion when you jump into bed to discover a wet patch. Avoid expressing your rage to your dog as much as possible. Anger teaches your dog nothing except that you may cause a frightened dog and be unpredictable.

Move your dog to a different location until you’ve calmed down. You should clean your bed. To alleviate your rage, make a cup of chamomile tea.

Best Way to Clean Dog Pee from a Mattress

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There’s no need to go out and get a new mattress since cleaning up dog urine, even on a mattress, is simpler than you may think.

Here’s how to get rid of fresh pee on the bed, tough stains, and smells so you can rest easy again.

  1. Take any bedding off the mattress.
  2. To prepare a cleaning solution, combine warm water and vinegar.
  3. Apply your cleaning solution to the affected area.
  4. Spread baking soda over the wet area.
  5. Let the mattress air dry.
  6. For urine stains, use an enzymatic cleanser.


Why is my dog peeing on the bed in her sleep?

Urinary incontinence occurs when your pet is unable to regulate his or her urine or urinates when sleeping or resting. Dogs with urinary incontinence will leak urine involuntarily and are most frequent in spayed female dogs in their middle years.

Your pet’s muscles are completely relaxed, including the urethral muscles that usually hold urine inside the urinary bladder.

Why do dogs pee on the bed and couches?

Your dog might have medical conditions like bladder stones or a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or renal damage. If your dog is completely housebroken and urinating on your sofa, keep an eye on them. Keep an eye out for extreme thirst, which might suggest a health concern.

How do I stop my dog from peeing on my bed?

Keep your dog out of your bedroom using baby fences, an exercise pen, or a crate until you ensure your bed is safe. If you find your dog peeing on the bed, politely halt their activity and quickly remove them to the appropriate potty area.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve thought about, “why does my dog pee on my bed?” Patience and perseverance are required to prevent your dog from peeing on your bed. You may train your dog to pee in proper spots and keep your bed clean and urine-free by following the recommendations given above.

Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing trouble, don’t be afraid to seek expert assistance from a dog trainer or behaviorist. They will be able to assist you and your dog in working together to stop the unpleasant dog behavior.

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