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Bulldogology was founded by an English and French Bulldog owner who cared and appreciate what it took to raise these breeds. The brand creates products trusted by Pet owners and loved by Dogs.

If this has happened using the sticky tape from our puppy pads, don’t panic or get frustrated!

Simply soak a towel with warm/hot water and place it over the top of the tape residue. Wait for at least half an hour. Gently scrape off the residue with an edger such as a paint edger or using your fingernails. There’s also counter adhesive spray remover you can find at your local store if you prefer this.

Here’s a simple article to help with visuals. Or see our product instruction page for our video on how to remove the sticky tape.

Bulldogology was founded by an English and French Bulldog owner who cared and appreciate what it took to raise these breeds. The brand creates products trusted by Pet owners and loved by Dogs.

Not yet! At this time we only ship within the US.

To start the return process email us [email protected] with your order number.

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*To be considered unused products must be returned in original packaging without being used or missing items.

In order to make a premium product, we believe adding most of the cost into making the HIGHEST ABSORBENT pads. All our effort was to create a high-quality pad that absorbs quickly and neutralizes odor as much as possible.

Although the pads may seem thin they’re actually packed with 6 layers of absorbency. It really comes down to the “Polymer” within the pads. Our pads are packed with 5 grams polymer (most brands only contain 1 to 2 grams) but not only that, we add EXTRA polymers of our Bullsorbent polymer tech to give it much more absorbency!