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Bulldogology Washable Pee Pads made with ultra-absorbing viscose, these pads are a fur-nomenal choice for your furry friend. Viscose’s super soak-ability means drier floors and happier paws. Washable and eco-friendly, they’re the paw-fect solution for pup-parents who care about convenience. Fetch these pads today!

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Bark goodbye to messes with our Reusable Dog Pee Pads! Viscose magic soaks up spills in a wag, non slip washable pee pads for dogs, keeping paws dry and homes clean. Eco-friendly and washable, they’re the ultimate ‘go-to’ for smart pups and their humans!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, we’ve got a size fur every buddy! Our paw-some pads come in various sizes:

18×24 inches, purr-fect for little paws, 4 in a pack.
24×24 inches, square and fair, 4 ready for care.
24×36 inches, stretch those paws, 4 in each drawer.
30×30 inches, for those who like it roomy, 2 in the box, super foxy!
34×36 inches, the ultimate lounge pad, 2 for the big leap!

They’re crafted from viscose, a semi-synthetic fabric that’s not just soft but also a superhero in absorbing moisture—up to 400% of its weight! Whether it’s water, sweat, or body oils, our pads lap it up like a thirsty kitten, keeping your floors dry and your pets comfy.

Absolutely! Our pads aren’t just for the canine crew; they’re purr-fect for any member of your fur family. Whether you have a kitty that’s too cool for the litter box or a bunny that’s binky with joy, our pads are ready to catch every drip and drop.

Our pads are more reusable than a cat’s nine lives. Just toss them in the wash, and they’ll come out good as new, ready to tackle spills and thrills without turning your home into a fur-ocious mess. They’re built to last, wash after wash, keeping your home fresh and your conscience clear.

Each box is packed with tail-wagging goodness! Depending on the size you choose, you’ll either get a four-paw salute with 4 pads or a double high-paw with 2 pads. It’s a bounty of cleanliness waiting to unfold!