Bulldogology Product Instructions

Puppy Training Pads Instructions

  1. Select a suitable area inside your home where your Dog will be eliminating. Make sure to place the Training Pad on the quilted side up.
  2. When your Dog starts to show signs that it needs to go, take your Dog to the Training Pad and encourage your Dog by using commands words (i.e. “Go pee! Good boy!”) If your Dog eliminates in a different area of your home, lead your Dog back to the Pad.
  3. Once the Pad is fully absorbed, pick the Pad up from each of the four corners to conceal it, and then carefully throw the Pad away. Make sure to wash your hands after.
  4. When your Dog becomes comfortable using the Training Pads regularly, start moving the Pad outdoors to get your Dog used to going outside. Do not punish your Dog for accidents – this can be very frightening for them and give you huge setbacks in training the pup. A gentle voice with positive encouragement will go a long way!
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Optional Sticky Tapes

  • Use the adhesive sticky tapes to keep the pads from moving everywhere.
    Keep in mind these sticky tapes can be sticky!
  • Dog Training Tip: Repetition is key! Have patience with your pup and using pee pads. Keep training!

Dog Car Seat Covers Instructions

  1. Unfold the dog car seat cover inside the back seat for all sides of the seat.
  2. Use both anchor seat grips of the back cover by tucking inside seats.
  3. Strap all adjustable straps on all 4 headrests or just the back seat headrest.

Additional Options

  • Use the velcro hose for seat belts or for carrying baby seats.
  • Included with your seat covers is a seatbelt leash for your pet.
    For a more safe ride, use only a harness with the seatbelt leash.

Washing & Drying Options

  • Use the water holes outside for cleaning or inside the washer. Make sure to clean with cold water.
  • Let it sundry outside or machine dry with LOW tumble.