7 Best Tips To Restrain A Dog While Grooming

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Introduction If you're a dog owner, chances are your furry friend has accumulated some extra fur. Keeping up with the ins and outs of pet grooming can be difficult for even the most well-trained pooches. This blog post will walk you through how to restrain a dog while giving them its monthly bath. If you

Dry Dog Paw: How To Make Dogs Paw Soft

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It’s no question, you’ve witnessed your dog obsessively lick their paws, what’s with that? Taking notice of your dog’s damaged paw pads is one of the most common experiences as a dog lover. However, the big mistake is refusing to take the step further: discovering the implications based on observations. As much as you

4 Super Dog Shedding Tips to Help Manage at Home

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With fall coming up soon, it’s probably going to be shedding season again for your pup. And considering that, these great tips to deal with dog shedding is probably timely, huh? ­Of course, different dogs shed differently. For instance, Labradors tend to shed all year, while breeds with thinner coats would probably shed seasonally.

How to Raise a Bulldog | The Ultimate Bulldog Guide for Owning, Caring and Training The Best Puppy

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Have you decided to bring a bulldog into your home and raise them with your family?One of the great dogs to have is the English bulldog or the French bulldog.These kinds of dogs are loyal, pretty laid back, and loves to have fun around. However, they need a little different TLC compared to other dogs.If

What’s the Best Organic Dog Shampoo for My Pup?

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You have noticed that your dog has been frequently scratching himself. He hasn’t been as nice smelling as he used to be. These observations may have led you to wonder—perhaps it is time to replace his shampoo with an organic dog shampoo? What is an Organic Canine Shampoo? Before we get any further, let

4 Tips Choosing and Getting the Best from Your Puppy’s Dog Shampoo

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Many owners don’t put too much thought into what kind of dog shampoo to get for their pups. Let’s face it: There are way too many choices out there nowadays, aren’t there? But then, we don’t realize that many of these products are specially catered to take care of the specific needs and conditions