A New Generation of Healthy Treats: Can Dogs Eat Watermelons?

2020-09-15T17:28:38-04:00July 28th, 2020|Dog Health, Nutrition|

Looking for a healthy treat for your dog? Watermelons may just be the very thing. If you’re a dog lover yourself, there’s a 100% guarantee you’ve stared deeply into a piece of food and wondered, “Can my dog eat this?” Absolute applause for that thought process, it’s always vital to question and think before

Can Your Dog Eat Tuna? Toxic or Safe?

2020-12-24T13:16:39-05:00July 20th, 2020|Dog Health, Nutrition|

Were you enjoying a good snack and wondered whether you could share with it your dog? We’ve all been there! Let’s take tuna in this case. For humans, tuna carries several health benefits, making it one of the go-to healthy snacks. However, it poses the threat of mercury poisoning. It’s absolutely essential that you

Can Dogs Eat Turkey? Safety Precaution for Feeding Dogs Turkey

2020-09-16T11:22:04-04:00June 18th, 2020|Dog Health, Nutrition|

The thing is, you rarely not finding turkey as part of the menu during Thanksgiving,  Americans Turkey Day, or even other get-togethers. Since most dog parents love turkey, not being able to pass it to their beloved canines is quite confusing. This always raises a question;  is turkey bad for dogs, or instead is

Can Dogs Eat Pineapples? Everything You Need To Know

2020-09-23T14:21:47-04:00June 18th, 2020|Nutrition|

Here’s the million-dollar question: Should you let your dog eat pineapples? Is it healthy? Is it toxic? Will they love it? That is the appropriate train of thought with every new introduction to your furry friend. The danger lies in the mentality, if I can eat, my dog can eat it. There’s a long list

Can Dogs Eat Rice? 5 Types of Rice Your Dogs Can Eat

2020-09-16T11:22:05-04:00June 17th, 2020|Nutrition|

There’s rarely any food that is more popular than rice; it’s a global staple. But there question boggling your mind, can dogs eat rice? YES, dogs can eat rice According to Ricepedia, more than 3.5 billion world population eat rice daily, including you. Rice supplies 20% of their daily calories. If humans love rice

3 Pointers On How Much Food Should A Dog Eat

2021-01-04T16:19:26-05:00October 30th, 2019|Dog Health, Nutrition|

As a new owner, setting a consistent schedule for your new puppy is very important – both from the point of view of your pup’s health, as well as discipline/training. So the question of how much food should a dog eat, and how often, is an important decision to make early on. You might