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6 Amazing Guides To Staying Safe Around Other People’s Bulldogs

2020-09-16T11:22:15-04:00July 24th, 2018|Bulldogs|

featured image by @bulldogs194 You don't always run towards other people's Bulldogs or even a new dog that you bought from the pet store, do you? Common sense dictates that you should always be cautious when dealing with dogs especially those ones that you haven't established mutual trust yet. Most Bulldogs are great with kids,

Best Brush for Bulldogs: The Ultimate Helpful Guide

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Though bulldogs do not usually shed compared to the other dog species, still they tend to shed their coat but not that much.  What you need then is just the best brush for bulldogs. These dogs overheat though they do not have a double coat. They have a short nose – a problem they

Best Dog Food For Bulldogs – 7 Top Picks For Your Pet

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There’s no question as to the joy bulldogs bring to every household. Bulldogs are the absolute great companion to the entire family and the other pets. They have certain nutritional requirements. You have to feed them with the best food for a bulldog for their balanced diet, which will be discussed here further.  What’s

The 7 Best Dogs for Depression – Ideal Breeds for Service and Therapy

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The question of which are the best dogs for depression therapy is something asked around increasingly these days. And for good reason. With greater awareness of depression and its symptoms and destructive effects on the sufferer’s life, there’s a better understanding of what they need, apart from pills and appointments. There are other wholesome ways

Helpful Home Cures and Treatments for Fixing Bulldog Cherry Eye

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Featured image by kimrisa’s PhotoBucket There are some doggy health issues that can really freak out bully owners based on appearance alone. Bulldog cherry eye, otherwise a fairly common eye problem in dogs in general, is one of them. Some breeds of bulldog are known to be fairly susceptible to the condition. It’s one