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Best Ways to Clean English Bulldog’s Pee

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What are the best ways to clean English Bulldog Pee? Regardless of the housetraining rules and techniques you use, you will be faced with this question at some point or the other. The important thing is to tackle the dog pee right away, even if it is a small accident. Failure to do so

When Should French Bulldog Potty Training Begin?

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French Bulldog potty training can begin once the pup is 8 weeks of age or older. Many pet parents erroneously expect their pets to be housetrained and fully independent at 6 months of age. While many French bulldogs can be housetrained between one and six months of age, a great deal is determined by

Bulldog Personalities: What You Need to Know About Bulldogs

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Just like any other dog, bulldogs also have a specific type of temperament and characteristics. These characteristics are common in almost all of the bulldog personalities and breeds, be it an English bulldog or a French bulldog.  Knowing a bulldog’s personality and characteristics can help you in understanding your bulldog in a better way.

Urinary Incontinence: How to Help your Bedwetting English Bulldog?

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Urinary incontinence is a condition when your dog is unable to hold its urine. S/he pees involuntarily in sleep while lying down, or even when excited. The possible causes of urinary incontinence in pets include spaying in females, UTI or bladder infections, bladder stones, stress and excitement, steroidal drugs, and, in serious cases, diseases

5 Bulldog Potty Training Problems and How to Overcome Them

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Too many bulldogs have been abandoned owing to potty-training mistakes they have made. It is a sad situation when this occurs and, in most cases, it is the humans who are to be blamed. Knowing how a French or English bulldog is, temperament-wise, can help you overcome many potty-training problems. In this guide, we

6 Amazing Guides To Staying Safe Around Other People’s Bulldogs

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featured image by @bulldogs194 You don't always run towards other people's Bulldogs or even a new dog that you bought from the pet store, do you? Common sense dictates that you should always be cautious when dealing with dogs especially those ones that you haven't established mutual trust yet. Most Bulldogs are great with kids,

Best Brush for Bulldogs: The Ultimate Helpful Guide

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Although bulldogs have shorter hair than other breeds, they are also double-coated, which means they have two layers of hair: a harsh topcoat and a softer undercoat. Although shorter, the undercoat actually grows much faster than the topcoat, and it generally sheds more frequently than the topcoat, which is longer and grows much slower.