Essential Bulldog Accessories

Essential Bulldog Accessories

If you’re looking to provide your bulldog with the finest care possible, investing in some English bulldog accessories is strongly advised. These aren’t mere trivial acquisitions. On the contrary, they are fundamentally critical for the health and well-being of your pet, especially when your bulldog is still at a puppy stage.

Here are some of the more important bulldog accessories your pet (and you) can’t do without:

  • A stainless steel bowl (preferably with a bowl holder). Plastic bowls are not recommended, as they’re chewable and can harbor germs. Ceramic and glass bowls are not ideal, as they break easily. Stainless steel bowls, on the other hand, are quite tough and they’re very easy to clean.
  • A harness and leash. The harness should be nice and soft, and they should be adjustable too. The leash should be tough enough even for frisky dogs, and they should be gentle on your hands. The harness should feature some ID tags, and you may want to think about discussing microchips with your vet.
  • An adjustable crate for a den. A wire crate is more suitable than a Plexiglas version. Wire offers better ventilation, and for bulldogs that’s crucial. The crate should be adjustable so you can use it as your bulldog gets bigger.
  • A dog bed. Of course, you’ll need washable blankets and towels to act as padding. You can also place one of your old shirts on his bed so that he can be comforted by your scent.
  • Safe toys. You don’t have to buy a lot of toys for your pet but you do need a few so your bulldog doesn’t resort to chewing on your shoes for his amusement. Just make sure the toys you get don’t have parts that can break off and choke him. The Unbreakable ball is highly recommended for your bulldog.
  • Dog gates. These will keep your bulldog from accessing certain areas such as the stairs or rooms with carpeting.

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