Best Brush for Bulldogs: The Ultimate Helpful Guide


Even though bulldogs have less fur compared to other dog breeds, they feature a dual-layered coat, which consists of a coarse outer layer and a softer inner layer. Interestingly, the undercoat, which is shorter, tends to grow faster than the outer layer and sheds more frequently than the longer topcoat that grows at a more gradual pace.

So if you have a pet bulldog, you’ll know this breed does shed more hair than one might expect of dogs with shorter hair. They will shed even more so if they lack regular care. What you might consider looking into then is just the best brush for bulldogs.

Regular grooming for any pet dog (like brushing and bathing) should be mandatory. You can reduce the shedding of your bulldog through brushing but make sure you are using the best puppy brush for bulldogs.

How do you know that it’s the best brush for your bulldog? Read until the end to learn and find out.

Top Picks of the Best Brush for Bulldogs: At a Glance

Here are some of the best brushes used for bulldogs that have hit the market today.


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Specifics and reviews of these dig brushes will be provided further below for your reference.

What should you know before selecting and purchasing the right brush for your lovely bulldog?

Types of Bulldog Coat

When choosing the type of brush to use for your dog, it’s critical that you know the type of the dog’s coat first. Make sure the brush is appropriate for your pet’s fur when you research a new brush. Remember that some dogs have a mixed coat type.

Smooth, Delicate, and Wiry

A dog brush best for your pet is one that is compatible with the texture of his fur. Delicate coats need soft bristles to detangle with no pulling or breaking, while a French or English bulldog brush requires more bristles for shiner coats. Soft smooth coats are softer while wiry coats are expected to have a firmer brush. Both have tolerance for more tightly packed bristles. It is likely for a soft, smooth-designed coat to be recognized as the best brush for the fur of French dogs.

Thickness and Length

Both the thickness and length of the dog’s fur are the factors necessary for selecting a brush for your dog. This might not be the best for pets with longer fur. Some brushes do not have sturdy or long bristles used in penetrating a longer and thicker coat. There are also those that are too harsh or stiff enough for a light or thin coat.

With or Without an Undercoat

Whether your dog has an undercoat or without it, still it can have an enormous impact on his overall grooming. Generally, fluffy undercoats need more robust de-shedding devices, while those without undercoats have sensitive skin requiring care with the brush.

Consider the fur of your dog for a longer or coarser layer over a puffy, soft layer. If it’s a yay, find the best brush for bulldog shedding to make him healthy and happy. There are also bulldogs not equipped with undercoats also shed.

Note the need for a French bulldog grooming brush to collect the loose hairs.

With these bulldog coats, what kind of brush is the best for your pet?

Types of Bulldog Brushes

Bristle Brush

Bristle brush is designed for dogs with wiry and short coats. Its bristles help remove the debris of the coat, leaving a nice shine.

Slicker Brush

This bulldog brush is suitable for many coats. It features a curved or flat head with thin wire pins used in removing fur and in helping detangle.


The handy de-shedding tool with the toothed metal comb and a button releasing collected useful fur. It efficiently works on the flat, short combination of double and heavy coats and reduces shedding.

Undercoat Rake

The undercoat rake is like a pin brush with both longer and fewer pins. It intends to get deeper into the dog’s heavy and double coats.

Shedding Blade

This brush is a comb with a horseshoe shape and small and harmless teeth. Remove the loose fur by dragging it across the short, flat, or a combination of coats.

Pin Brush

The brush has a slicker shape with wire pins tipped with rubber or plastic. It is specifically developed for longer and silkier types of coats.

Which bulldog brush?

Reviews of the Top Bulldog Brushes

With the extensive number of bulldog brushes available in the market, you need to properly select one that suits your dog’s coat. Know the specifications of each of the brushes to buy the best one.

1. Safari’s Pin and Bristle Plastic Handled Brush

The Safari’s Pin and Bristle Plastic Handled Brush from Safari is a two-in-one offering – one side has synthetic bristles, while the other side has metal pins.

Safari Pet Products SAFARI Pin

Use the metal pin side to detangle and brush the denser and longer hair of your bulldog.

It would be appropriate to use the bristle side to smoothens the flat coats and add some luster to the coat.

This dog brush has various sizes for different kinds of dogs. Bigger dogs and those with longer fur might be good to have larger sizes.

It comes with great value since the pins have metal. There are brushes with pins that have a plastic tip. The pins are sharp and may only irritate the skin of your dog.

The pin side is appropriate for bulldogs with longer, denser fur. Meanwhile, the bristle side is stiff and densely packed making it effective on dogs with short coats.

Brushing your dog’s pet with this tool helps to distribute natural oils and leave a shiny and healthy hair. Its recommended use is to brush with long strokes to the hair growth’s direction.

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  • This device could be the one among the best pin brushes since it is sturdy in managing denser and longer dog fur. You may have an assurance to last longer with its full-metal pins
  • The brush can cost you less that can give you more than what you have actually paid
  • It comes with a great balance between its gentle brushing and sturdy construction. It could be best when it comes to a sturdy brush at a very reasonable price.


  • The quality of this brush’s bristles can be low

  • This is a bit too rough, densely packed, and stiff to become the best dog brush

  • It is not great for the collection of short hairs. It does not gather hair in the brush for easy disposal when the hair is short

  • Its larger versions are dense. Its wooden handle makes it very heavy though it is a minor flaw

2. Kong Zoom Groom

Kong Zoom Groom is a soft rubber brush that could be used as a dry and/or shampooing brush.

KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Brush, Raspberry

It could be reputable in dealing with the loose hair of your dog. It can be pricier than Bodhi brush having its sturdiness in all products with an extra worth of money.

It’s a great brush that removes loose fur like a magnet stimulating natural oil production and capillaries for healthy coats and skin.

Other than bulldogs, this brush is also effective for all types of coats and dogs.

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  • This dog brush works really well either dry or wet. It is a multipurpose type of brush that delivers many purposes
  • It suits well in your hand and easy grip even when slippery. This has a great ergonomic shape
  • Varieties of firmness and sizes. Its pink version is firmer compared to its blue version. 
  • Small and large sizes of the brush are available allowing you to select the best brush for English bulldog or French bulldog.


  • It is not that efficient as the other de-shedding methods. It may take some time to use than the slicker brush that is heavy duty
  • In terms of detangling, this brush may not be the right one. This may not be the right one to use if your pet has long hair.

3. Oster Combo Brush for Dogs (Large)

Oster Combo Brush is a best seller dog brush attributable to its very versatile characteristic. It is a device that can fulfill most of the needed functions in one tool.

Oster Combo Brush for Dogs, Large

Its value is very appealing to dog owners. Its bristle side considered the best brush for bulldog shedding.

This is recognized as one that can be used for all coat types and breeds of a bulldog.

However, owners of extreme coat type dogs are cautioned not to merely rely on one-size-fits-all grooming devices.

Oster Combi Brush’s pin side is efficient in detangling the hair and in releasing the loose hair from his coat.

Its bristle side takes out the dirt and loose hair and spreads the natural oils from your pet’s skin throughout the coat. Its brush sides are huge enough enabling you to efficiently groom bulldogs of any size.

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  • For whatever reason, this is a cost-effective grooming device with a value not similar to any other store
  • The brush is easy to use, unlike the other brushes that may only require for you to learn its proper usage
  • It is very intuitive
  • Many note that it could be ideal when your working space is limited.


  • The cleaning process of this brush can be difficult. 
  • Cleaning both of its sides can be difficult. It’s not that easy to get rid of its thick and soft fur from the bristle’s side. 
  • There could be an incident where water can be trapped beneath its rubber seating for its pins
  • Its pins can be flimsy as they may easily come to lose more than you would favor.

4. Hertzko’s Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko’s Self-Cleaning Slicker bulldog brush is developed in getting rid of the pet’s loose hair and help in easily untangling potential mats.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The tool comes with a push-button hair and it has a clean dog brush vacuum system. It serves with a high price on any list.

It could be considered as the best brush for bulldog in the market and noted as very effective in removing fur.

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  •  It has hands free feature
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Work great for cat


  • The brush can be clumsy and bulky to be used in small bulldogs. Its rectangular head can be big enough in comfortably maneuvering your pet
  • It can irritate the sensitive skin of your dog. It has tiny metal tines that may only distress the thin skin of bulldogs. Great caution is necessary for using this brush
  • This may require lengthy brushing sessions because of its short bristles

5. Bodhi Dog Bath Brush

Notable as a pet shampoo brush, Bodhi Dog Bath Brush highlights its massage rubber bristles that can be used dry or wet.

NEW Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush

It is considered as the soft version of a carrying brush developed for use on various types of house pets.

Your investment for this bulldog brush can be solid especially when you are in search of an approach in making bath time more effective and efficient for your bulldog.

This is the kind of brush that is appropriate for dogs with short to medium fur length.

The brush may work well more on wet fur than when it’s dry.

Most dogs are more receptive and enjoy when brushed with this device. It could be the best brush for bulldog bathing.

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  • Bulldogs and French bulldogs genuinely enjoy this brush as it a legitimate one. Some of those dogs brushed with this device are tolerant but enjoyed everything
  • The brush is gentle and soft. This makes it simple for the tool to use making your pet tidy and fresh with no problem for those with sensitive skin
  • It helps fasten pet’s bath time. It lowers skin suds rapidly and makes your pet free from soap. This can also be a boon even for bulldogs who don’t want to bath


  • One problem you may encounter when using this brush is its difficulty of cleaning when it’s dry. Hair may stick in it and remove hair can be tricky
  • This bulldog brush may not work efficiently on very long hair or dense undercoats
  • Using it with small hands can be clumsy. It could be a hassle for children and adults with smaller hands
  • Dry brushing can be overrated for nearly all types of dog coats. It would not be a great brush for dogs with issues related to curls, shedding, and undercoats

You now have chosen your bulldog brush, what then?

Proper Brushing of Bulldog’s Coat

As a bulldog owner, you should be well aware of the routine brushing for your pet. Did you know that brushing removes the dead hair off your bulldog, distributes oils throughout his coat, and then keeps his hair shiny and clean? Bulldogs with short coat make brushing a breeze, just a few minutes every day.

  • Bring your dog outside before grooming him. As earlier said bulldogs still shed although they may have short hair and brushing indoors may cover your home with dead hair.
  • Use a rubber grooming brush to comb the coat of your dog all over as its short, stiff bristles gather dead hair from his coat without making a scratch on his sensitive skin. Try brushing your arm with your chosen tool before brushing his coat; it will be uncomfortable for your dog when it feels too rough on your own skin.
  • Wipe your dog’s coat using a dry bath wipe, which is particularly made to lift away the mud and dirt and prevent irritation on your bulldog’s skin.
  • Clean-up the wrinkles of the bulldog with a soft cloth. Dip this cloth in warm water then lift up each of his wrinkles. Wipe out the inside of each of his fold to clean the food residue and all dirt from his skin. You have to hold his skin up until such time that the water dries, and then move on to his next wrinkle.
  • The coat of French Bulldogs comes in different colors. Their coat is close-fitting and short. Their fine hair is so smooth to the touch though slightly bristly when it sheds.
  • Brushing is a home bulldog grooming that requires regular devotion and time. Routine bulldog brushing will keep your dog’s skin healthy through blood flow stimulation, dead hair removal, and natural oil distribution.

Final Word

Brushing bulldogs with smooth fur are low maintenance but still, they need a nice brush down to the dog’s skin every week with a bristle brush.

You may follow this up using a rubber-made curry brush for loose fur removal. Start brushing from the front part to his back. A bit mist of a detangling kind of spray after coat brushing gives him a stunning shine.

Although your French bulldog will expect belly rubs, much grooming may not be that necessary. Rub their coats using a rubberized brush for dead hair removal and continuous shine.

The bottom line?

Whether it’s a French or English bulldog, your pet will likely be of great care when you use the best brush for a bulldog. So what do you think our top picks here? We will be grateful for your thoughts below.

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