Like we’ve said a number of times before, having your puppy trained to use puppy pads for eliminating at home can be really handy.

This is especially true for times when you, for some reason or other, cannot take your puppy out on his regular walk to relieve himself.

For instance, having your pup trained to go on a puppy pad when it’s snowing out is a real blessing when it’s impossible or dangerous to venture outside.

So here, we’ll help you through on how to use puppy training pads effectively as a basic step-by-step training guide.

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Quick Guide: Puppy Pad Training Infographic

How to use puppy pads in 4 easy steps


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A few pointers for new owners that’ll help them understand their charges better and therefore help with training…

  • Picking a few designated spots and returning to them in future walks will help along your training.
  • Also, puppies normally eliminate soon after eating, playing and waking up – an easy way to know what time to schedule those walks and potty breaks.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is to give immediate feedback so he remembers the right way positively, and NEVER punish your puppy unless you’ve caught him in the act

So let’s get to the heart of it – how to use puppy pads in 4 easy steps:

1. Select a Suitable Place Inside Your Home Where You’d Like Your Puppy to Eliminate

Remember – designated spots with a lingering scent.

So even if your puppy makes a mess – which he undoubtedly will on several occasions during training – you’ll know it’ll most likely be at or around that spot. Makes cleaning more convenient.

Also, while placing the puppy pad in the spot, make sure the quilted side is facing up – that’s the side which is designed for absorption.

2. Watch for the Signs and Use Commands for Familiarization

Keep an eye on your puppy for the usual signs that he wants to eliminate – like pawing at the floor, circling around a spot, whining, and barking, etc.

When you see them, quickly take him to the spot and set him on the training pad.

Give him a command that you will repeat every time he eliminates from now on, such as, “Go pee!”

And also try to ensure you give him good feedback right after he eliminates. Just a nice little “Good boy!” would do, or a small treat if you’re carrying some.

Even if your dog messes up in a different area of your home when you’re not supervising, make sure you go back to the designated spot.

3. Disposing of the Pad – Just Pick it Up by the Corners and Throw it Away

It’s that simple. Puppy pads are designed for easy and convenient disposal.

And make sure you wash up after handling the pad!

4. Once Your Pup Gets the Hang of Using Pads at Home, Graduate to the Outdoors

When your puppy starts using the pads more or less on his own, knowing where to go, and keeping to his schedule – you can move the pad outside.

If you can’t really walk far to a nice spot outdoors, you can train your puppy to use the yard instead of the indoors, until he’s grown enough for longer walks.

And remember the 3 keys to effective training:

  • Patience
  • Repetition
  • Positive feedback

Hope you liked this post on how to use puppy pads in 4 easy steps.

These tips should help you with pad training your puppy at home effectively.

Do let us know your thoughts on them in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out our premium puppy training pads at our store.