Premium Puppy Dog Pee Pads with Adhesive Tabs

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We know how much you love and adore your pet. And with owning pets, comes great responsibility. One of them is to potty train your pet so your house remains tidy and the pet stays safe and sound. Bulldogology provides the best option to pet owners with thick and absorbent pee pads to teach your dog or cat housebreaking even if you are at work or busy otherwise.

Here is why Bulldogology pee pad is a must for a pet owner:

6-Layered Premium Thick Absorbent Bulldogology Dog Pee Pads

Comes in 50, 40, 60, 100, and 150 count large 24″ x 24″ inches and extra-large 24″ x 35″ inches. Our black pads come with carbon-activated charcoal pet potty training pads that are 6-layered and 3x thicker which instantly absorb liquid and turn it into the solid residue.

The innovative 6-layer design of the pad includes Non-woven Fabric, more than 7g SAP, Bullsorbent© Polymer Tech, Fluff Pulp, Waterproof PE Film, and 2 layers of quilted tear-resistant.

Leakproof Super Absorbent Pee Pads

Bulldogology super absorbent and quick drying dogs wee pad features leakproof plastic and first-class Bullsorbent© polymer technology quickly absorbs the excreta and then turns it into solid for easy removal.

Adhesive Sticky Tape for Dog Training Pads

Dog pee and potty training pads ensure housebreaking by pets much easier and come with strong adhesive tape that prevents pads from moving around and keeps your tiles, floor, grass, and carpets safe from pee.

Odor Control and Floor Protection

These fast absorbent first-class disposable quilted dog pee pads effectively control odor, bad smell, and prevent tracking all over your house. Also, these dog pads prevent leakage due to leak-proof plastic gel and keep your floor neat and clean. No smell or lingering odor with these disposable puppy dogs pads!

Built-in Puppy Attractant

Pee pads are perfect for busy dog owners, and the built-in attractant in these puppy pee pads attracts your dog and keep them from housebreaking even if you are not around. Are 60% larger than standard pads and protects a great surface area—a great option for huge and giant dogs.

The enhanced absorption of dog pee pads keeps your house tidier, does not allow the unpleasant scent to spread around. These size puppy pads help you in potty training your pet in the best possible way. Easy to put to work as you just need to place puppy pee pads near pet food containers, crates, and kennels. The built-in puppy attractant will coax the pet to these dog potty pads so not much effort is required.

Great Absorption Capacity

Bulldogology large dog pee pads are capable of absorbing up to 7.5+ cups of liquid while an extra-large dog potty pad has the capacity to absorb 9+ cups of liquid. This tremendous capacity of super absorbent pee pads is leak-proof barrier and ultra-absorbent gel that prevents seeping of liquid to surfaces and also effectively control odor. The dog pee pads convert the liquid into a gel which means no spilling or stains making it easy to clean.

All six layers of the pad ensure quick drying and full conversion into gel form making it a mess-free and time-saving process so you can enjoy the extra time playing with your pet instead of having to clean up. Potty pads for puppies have been produced using toxin-free and anti-bacterial material making pee pads safer for your puppy.

The fabric of the potty pads is tear-resistant and thick enough to hold the excreta for a long time. The smooth surface of the puppy training pad is designed to make sure the paws of your small dog are protected and don’t get caught up in the fabric of the wee pads.


3x Thicker and Highly Absorbent with Bullsorbent© Polymer Technology

  • The black pads are formulated by carbon technology that’s 3x thicker!
  • Made with more SAP with our NEW Bullsorbent Technology and ultra-thick Layers of absorbent and leak proof, Bulldogology training pads allow you to housebreak your dog, even when you are not at the house.
  • The puppy attractant layer creates a powerful attractant scent for dogs, so your pup will quickly learn to use the potty pad when indoors.
  • 100% more absorbent than a regular puppy pad to protect your floors, carpets, tiles, and other surfaces from stains and smells.
  • Intended for indoor or outdoor use, the pads are ideal for any time of year and species of dogs or pets.
  • Blocks, neutralize, and controls odors and prevents leakage or tracking.
  • Includes optional adhesive sticky tape to hold the pad in place and to keep your pup from moving the pad or slipping.

Why Bulldogology Pee Pads are The Best Choice for your beloved pet:

  • Instantly absorb and turn liquid into gel, resulting in quick drying of floors.
  • Prevent moving and leaving a huge mess on floors, tiles, outside grass, or carpets as these pee pads are wide and long enough.
  • Eliminate and neutralize odors swiftly to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.
  • Perfect for busy dog owners, attractant puppy pads to help housebreak your dog even when you are not around.
  • Multiple uses that are great for kennels, crates, food, and water mats, in an outside setting, potty training, and perfect for indoor use.

You will never have a single leak issue with dog training pads due to their excellent leak proof design. Bulldogology training pads for dogs are also ideal for cats due to their multi-purpose design and functionality.

Pet pads can save them the anxiety of heading outside during a storm or at night. Pee pad for puppies plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your pet as the pad keeps your dog from being exposed to germs. Health and safety are what we are offering!

Bulldogology potty pad product is highly affordable and useful. All sizes and count wee pad set is a long-term investment as your dog or cat learns housebreaking in the safest and fastest way possible. Your pet deserves the best and we at Bulldogology are offering the best.

Work smart and save time and effort!