Most Expensive French Bulldog: Why Is It Costly?

most expensive french bulldog

French Bulldogs are in great demand, and it’s not hard to see the reason. Their charming appearance and wonderful companionship are incredibly appealing. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to be aware that purchasing this breed can come with a hefty price tag before you make the decision to bring one home.

French bulldogs with a high price tag usually come in rare colors. The American Kennel Club does not accept these rare coat colors. Aside from the rare French bulldog colors, there are other factors, such as eye colors, breeding challenges, gender, etc., that influence their price.

In this article, we’ll reveal the top 5 expensive Frenchies on the market today and what makes them unique to dog lovers.

What’s The Average French Bulldog’s Price

How much a French bulldog is sold depends mainly on the puppy’s age, gender, and color. The price range for this petite animal is around 3000 to 19 000 USD.

French bulldogs with rare colors typically cost more than the standard French bulldog colors. Also, you should expect female Frenchies to come at a saltier price than their male counterparts. These general factors drive the costs of these furry animals up. 

However, if you want to purchase a standard French bulldog from a reputable breeder, be ready to shell out up to 5,300 USD. And, of course, you will come across relatively cheaper offers. They are usually from backyard breeders known for breeding French bulldogs unethically. Therefore, sticking with a reputable breeder is essential to avoid spending a fortune on veterinary care. 

Top 5 Most Expensive French Bulldogs 

Chocolate French Bulldogs

This rare-colored puppy comes in either a dark or light brown coat costing more than 6,500 USD. Finding a chocolate Frenchie with other coat colors like merle or white patches is not unusual. Some chocolate Frenchies come with black masks or spots. 

These pups have an expensive French bulldog color because of its chocolate gene, which is recessive and challenging to breed. It requires both parents to pass the recessive gene to the offspring. Due to their difficult breeding conditions, chocolate French bulldogs are sold for at least 6,500 USD. 

This rare Frenchie needs to undergo a “red eye test” to ensure it’s a genuine chocolate-colored French bulldog. There’s no knowing by merely looking at them. It’s essential to confirm the pup has the recessive gene.

Lilac French Bulldogs 

Lilac French bulldog is another pup with an expensive French bulldog color. Their unique color sets them apart from other dog breeds. These puppies do not have the brown gene causing their blue coat to appear slightly purplish. 

They come with distinctive features. Their muzzle can be a bit pink and prone to sunburn. Also, this French bulldog has eyes in any color – amber, light gray, or blue. 

Furthermore, they are sought after for their unique purple lilac coat color and patterns. Common color combinations include lilac merle, lilac and tan, fluffy lilac, and many more. 

While you can find lilac Frenchies for 6,500 USD, some can go for as much as 50,000 USD. Most importantly, you should only purchase a lilac Frenchie from a top-quality breeder.

Merle French Bulldogs

Merle Frenchies come with one of the unique coat patterns. These puppies have a spotted appearance due to their genetic disposition. Most dog owners find the Merle coat exotic, which explains its steep price tag. 

Unlike the typical French bulldog puppy, merle French bulldogs are prone to more health issues. They are faced with skin problems, deafness, and eye issues. The double merle Frenchie is at a higher risk of several health problems. So, it’s best to avoid purchasing one. 

Merle French bulldogs are rare, driving their price up to 12,000 USD. Thus, making them one of the most expensive French bulldog puppies. The Merle French bulldog puppy comes in a wide range of variations. But before paying thousands of dollars for a Merle Frenchie, it’s important to consider the health problems associated with these rare French bulldog colors.

Blue Fawn French Bulldogs

Blue fawn Frenchies are rare and expensive. These blue Frenchie puppies sport a striking blend of grayish hue on a fawn coat. The blue coats can only be achieved by overlapping recessive genes. These French bulldog puppies are bred by mating blue French bulldog and fawn Frenchie.

Most French bulldog breeders find this process tough and tricky. This is why a blue French bulldog costs over 6000 USD. 

Also, blue fawn Frenchie faces many health problems, including hair loss and thinning. However, not all blue Frenchies will deal with a coat issue.

Isabella French Bulldogs

Isabella Frenchies are expensive Frenchie puppies not accepted by the American Kennel Club. They have an exotic, rare color from a genetic mutation caused by breeding chocolate and a blue French bulldog. 

This French bulldog puppy needs to undergo genome mapping tests to confirm it has two rare copies from chocolate and blue Frenchies. This is another reason Isabella Frenchie’s puppy costs over 8,000 USD and is more expensive than a blue French bulldog. 

Like a blue Frenchie puppy, Isabella Frenchie puppy comes in different eye colors – lighter shades of green, amber, gray, light brown, or gray.

Other Expensive French Bulldog colors

French dogs with exotic coat hues are costly. However, some French bulldogs with American Kennel Club standard colors are still highly sought after.

White French bulldogs – these French bulldogs come with a white coat. This coat color is often assumed to be rare because of the enormous demand. However, they are AKC-accepted and can cost more than 3,000 USD.

Black French Bulldogs – the AKC accepts black Frenchies and are not rare Frenchies. In most cases, black Frenchies are not pure black. This French bulldog usually comes in black and white markings, black and tan, or spots in other colors.


Are all French Bulldogs expensive?

French Bulldogs generally come at a salty price because of their popularity and high demand. However, some breeds that are considered rare are more expensive than ones with standard coat coloring. 

Are there any other breeds that are as expensive as French Bulldogs?

Yes, French bulldogs are not the only expensive dog breed. Samoyeds, Tibetan Mastiffs, and English bulldogs are considered equally pricey.

How much does a typical French Bulldog cost?

The cost of a French bulldog depends on numerous factors, from lineage to age. On Average, these dogs are sold from at least $4000 upwards. 

Conclusion: How Expensive Are French Bulldogs?

French bulldogs are great companions, but their cuddly benefits do not come cheap. If you want to invest in a furry friend, then a new Frenchie puppy can be the way to go.

However, before splurging on a French bulldog, ensuring this cute animal is not coming from cruel puppy mills is crucial. Also, you should avoid sellers breeding French bulldogs unethically.

Even better, avoid sellers trying to convince you that standard coat color is one of those rare colors. Brindle Frenchies, tan French bulldogs, and blue Frenchie puppies – to mention a few – are common coat hues accepted by most kennel clubs.

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