Bulldogology Pet Stain & Odor Remover (32 oz)

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“This stuff works like a charm takes away the smell instantly, with no chemical residue smell left behind.” – Gale L.

  • REMOVES STAINS & ODORS: Completely clean and remove tough stains along with anything gross or smelly mess. Easily eliminate dog and cat pee, feces, vomit, drool, or other organic hard to remove spills. Our bio-enzyme formula targets and neutralizes all mess leaving your house smelling fresh and clean!
  • NATURAL-DERIVED CLEANER: Using powerful natural enzymatic with advanced surfactant technology to activate and combine a deep cleaning formula that removes stains and odors from carpet, rug, pet bed, furniture, hardwood, clothing, kennel, litter box, and all other areas where stains occur.
  • PET & CHILDREN SAFE: Not only it’s chlorine-free and color-safe it’s especially safe around your pets and children. There is no hazardous residue after use, that also means an unpleasant smell, our formula keep your family safe while you’re home smelling cleaner.
  • NEUTRALIZE EVERY TIME: When your pet’s accidents happen, there’s a chance it might again, but with each spray, the solutions remove and completely neutralizing the scent, this helps and prevent repeat mistakes.
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION: If for any reason your stains and odors aren’t removed, we want to give you peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just ask and we’ll instantly send a full refund.

Out of stock

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What Makes Our Pro Strength Stain & Odor Remover Best?

If accidents happen, for 💪 tough stains and odors, Bulldogology Stain & Odor Eliminator is the best choice to make sure your carpets and floors stay fresh.

Made with 💦 premium bio-enzymes formula that works to release activated bacteria that goes deep down within the surfaces and targets ammonia left behind from pet urine and other smelly stains.

With that said, stains and odors are eliminated, leaving your carpets, floors, furniture, and other materials fresh and clean.

This natural-derived based formula also works on…

  • Urine
  • Vomit
  • Feces
  • and all nasty markings.

And not only that, it is 🛡️ safe around your pets and children.

From stinky pet urine to vomit and other spills, our professional strength eliminator takes on all, we’re 100% you’ll love it or your money back guaranteed!

What People Are Saying

Out of all of the enzyme activated products out there–this really does the job. You can see the spot fade the second you spray. I’ve tried them all and this one is my favorite.


This product is a lifesaver! Since this “incident” I’ve used this to clean soft sided playpens where foster kittens reside, and it gets rid of the smells and stains effortlessly! Will definitely be keeping this on hand as my secret weapon!

Steel City Adventure Cats

Home doesn’t smell like pets. works pretty well!

Johnny D.
bulldogology pet solutions min Bulldogology Pet Stain & Odor Remover (32 oz)

Bulldogology, a brand pets love and pet owners trust. We support pet owners who love their pets like family.

Over 1 Million pads sold. Over 70k followers. Over 2,000+ reviews. 95% of customers rate us 4 stars and higher. Every order includes our Risk-Free Promise – 💯 Satisfaction Guaranteed if for whatever reason you’re not happy just ask and we’ll get your Money Back – And you keep the box!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it remove stains & odors from hardwood floors?2020-11-11T13:18:58-05:00

Yes, it’s great for all surfaces including hardwood, vinyl, tile, carpet, fabric, and more.

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