The 9 Best Car Crates for Dogs 2024: Affordable and Safe

best car crates for dogs

Are you looking for a reliable way to transport your beloved pet? The right dog crate for cars can offer a secure environment for your pet while traveling, making the journey better for both you and your canine companion.

This article will offer important guidelines to help you find the best car crate for your pup, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for you both.

Here is our top pick K&H Pet Products Dog Travel Crate (Best Overall) 

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9 High-Rated Car Dog Crates

Narrow down your list to check before purchasing the right car crate for your pooch with the following products:

1. K&H Pet Products Dog Travel Crate

The K&H Pet Products Dog Travel Crate is the perfect choice for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends safe and secure during road trips. 

Made with durable, heavy-duty material, this dog crate is designed to provide your pet with plenty of air circulation while also keeping them secure.

This travel crate features side pockets, a carrying handle, and easy-lift handles. It easily fits in the backseat or cargo area of any car. 

The weight of the product is 11 pounds, and the dimensions are 40” x 27” x 24”, with a weight capacity of 75 pounds. It allows makes a dog safe and a dog roam free.

It comes equipped with a spring-loaded door, adjustable straps, and a water bottle pocket for your pet’s convenience. 

Whether you are going on a long drive or just around the block, this car dog crate will give you the peace of mind you need to keep your pet safe.

Image 11 07 2023 at 13.58 The 9 Best Car Crates for Dogs [year]: Affordable and Safe

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Specific Features

  • Heavy-duty luggage grade nylon fabric
  • Side pockets
  • Carrying handle
  • Easy-lift handles
  • 40” x 27” x 24”
  • Dog’s weight capacity of 75 pounds


  • Sturdy and durable

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Easy to install

  • Ideal for car travel

  • Roomy interior


Can be bulky in smaller cars and for a small dog

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2. Diggs Revol Collapsible Dog Crate

The Diggs Revol Collapsible Dog Crate is a collapsible, portable, and travel-friendly dog kennel specifically designed for small dogs and puppies. 

It is designed with an easy-to-use folding system and is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal crate to take with you during travel.

This durable and stylish crate also features 360-degree ventilation, a washable mattress pad, and a removable tray for easy cleaning. 

The removable doors, as well as the included shoulder strap, make it easy to transport. 

It has a powder-coated steel frame with built-in rubber feet to ensure stability and is made from waterproof and breathable polyester fabric.

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Specific Features

  • Collapsible and Portable

  • Stable Frame

  • With built-in rubber feet

  • Waterproof Fabric crate


  • Collapsible and Lightweight

  • Sturdy Frame

  • Waterproof Fabric

  • Offers ventilation

  • Ensures stability and prevents movement

  • Makes dog secured



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3. EliteField Soft Folding Travel Dog Crate

If you’re an on-the-go pet owner, the EliteField Soft Folding Travel Dog Crate is your ideal choice. The lightweight, steel-frame crate easily folds down for portability and storage. 

It comes in multiple sizes and features a steel wire mesh door with two security locks.

The wire crate has mesh panels to increase airflow and features a comfortable washable fleece cushion mat. 

The stylish design fits in with any home decor while still providing a secure space for your furry friend.

This EliteField Folding Outdoor 3-Door Crate is a great solution for keeping your dog safe and secure while in the car. 

It is constructed of heavy-duty metal for maximum durability and comes with three doors for added convenience. 

The folding design of this soft crate offers ease of storage and transportation, and it is easy to assemble. The wire crate also has a waterproof cover for added protection.

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Specific Features

  • Heavy-duty metal construction like the other metal crates

  • 3 doors for increased convenience

  • Folding design for easy storage and transportation

  • Waterproof cover for added protection

  • Ideal for small dogs


  • Durable and secure

  • Easy to store and transport

  • Easy to assemble

  • Waterproof cover for added protection


  • Smaller sizes may not accommodate larger dogs

  • Could be too difficult for some to assemble


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4. Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Dog Carrier

The Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Dog Carrier is a great way to safely and securely travel with your pet. 

Not only is it comfortable for your pet, but it also features mesh panels on all sides, along with a padded shoulder strap and luggage handle for added convenience.

This pet crate is perfect for those who are looking for a safe and convenient solution for their pet on the go. 

Made of dark chocolate with grey accents, this stylish carrier is designed to provide your pet with comfort and safety while going on an airplane or car. 

The product is made with a three-tier security system for added safety. It also has a padded interior wall to give your pet extra comfort.

Also, it has a storage pocket for all your pet’s essentials. It is easy to clean and has a waterproof bottom for extra protection. 

Get the carrier to provide your small dog with comfort and security while traveling.

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Specific Features

  • Mesh Panels

  • Padded shoulder strap and a luggage handle

  • Telescoping handle and two wheels

  • Expandable top: increases the carrier’s capacity by 6 inches

  • Machine washable and dryer-safe

  • Crash tested crates


  • Pet-friendly design makes traveling with your pet easy and secure

  • Mesh panels ensure proper ventilation and visibility

  • Padded shoulder strap and luggage handle make for comfortable carrying

  • Telescoping handle and two wheels make navigation through any terrain easy

  • Expandable top allows for extra space and storage

  • Machine washable and dryer-safe for easy maintenance


Not the most affordable carrier option

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5. Petsfit Adjustable Fabric Cover Dog Crate

The medium Petsfit Adjustable Fabric Cover Dog Crate is designed to provide your pet dog with a safe and secure haven during trips or at home.

This foldable pet cage is made from a sturdy oxford fabric with metal spiral strengthen bars, and comes in a variety of sizes to fit most pet sizes.

This dog crate from Amazon is a perfect option for pet owners who need an adjustable and secure way to transport their dog in their vehicle. 

It is made from a heavy-duty, four-way stretch fabric that is designed to expand, providing a custom fit to the windows and back of your car.

The pet cage can easily adjust in size with the zipper on the top. It is foldable and includes a carry strap so it can be easily transported.

 Meanwhile, its metal spiral strengthens bars provide extra security and eliminate the risk of your pet escaping.The crate is reinforced with spiral stitching to make it stronger and more durable. 

Its top and side entrances provide easy access to your pup, while mesh windows are designed to provide a safe and breathable environment. 

With adjustable straps, your pooch stays securely inside so you can travel with peace of mind.

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Specific Features

  • Adjustable dog cage

  • Foldable

  • Has a carry strap so it can be easily transported

  • Breathable Fabric with its oxford fabric ensures good air circulation to keep your pet comfortable

  • With metal, spiral strengthen bars


  • Adjustable  

  • Durable- The cage is constructed from high-grade oxford fabric and sturdy metal spiral strengthen bars to ensure long-lasting use.

  • Easy to Clean

  • Lightweight

  • Variety of Sizes

  • Portable

  • Offers pet safety


  • Not the best for extra-large dogs


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6. 2PET Steel Frame Soft Foldable Dog Crate

It’s the no-tool assembly of the 2PET Steel Frame Soft Foldable Dog Crate that allows you to quickly and easily assemble and disassemble the crate. 

The crate has a strong metal frame for stability and durability, heavy-duty mesh windows and ventilation holes, and a built-in plastic tray for easy cleaning.

The top and front doors provide easy access to your pet, and the sides fold down for easy storage and transportation. 

This crate is also machine washable and comes with a one-year warranty. With its sturdy construction, easy assembly, and machine-washable fabric, this 2PET Foldable Dog Crate is an ideal choice for any pet owner.

This soft-sided pet kennel can be easily set up and folded down in seconds. It has openings for easy access, an internal pocket for food and water, and a soft plush cushion for maximum comfort.

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Specific Features

  • Sturdy steel frame construction

  • Reinforced plastic corners

  • Heavy-duty fabric cover and lining

  • Has top and side carrying straps

  • Built-in bottom tray

  • Inner tongue-and-groove door frame


  • Easy to assemble and fold down in seconds

  • Durable steel frame construction

  • Pocket for food and water

  • Soft plush cushion for comfort

  • Reinforced plastic corners for added stability

  • Heavy-duty fabric cover and lining

  • Top and side door openings for easy access

  • Top and side carrying straps

  • Built-in bottom tray

  • Inner tongue-and-groove door frame


  • May not be easy to move around when already assembled

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7. MidWest Homes Double Door Metal XL Dog Crate

The MidWest Homes Double Door Metal XL Dog Crate is an ideal solution for large, strong, or easily excitable dogs. This heavy-duty, metal frame crate features a divider panel and floor-protecting feet for added safety and comfort. 

The durable steel construction provides a secure and safe space for your pet, and the leak-proof plastic pan makes clean-up easy.

This dog crate is designed with a divider panel to help with puppy potty training, floor-protecting feet to keep your flooring safe, and a leak-proof dog pan. 

The folding metal kind makes set up and storage easy and its 48L x 30W x 33H inches design is perfect for larger breeds. Keep your pup safe, secure, and comfortable in his new home with the crate.

Image 11 07 2023 at 14.08 The 9 Best Car Crates for Dogs [year]: Affordable and Safe

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Specific Features

  • Durable steel construction with a secure door and divider panel

  • Floor-protecting feet

  • Leak-proof plastic pan

  • Includes a free divider panel to adjust the living space as your puppy grows


  • Convenient setup and storage

  • Safe and secure environment

  • Leak-proof plastic pan for easy clean up

  • Includes divider panel


  • The steel construction can be loud when pets move in the crate

  • Too heavy for individuals to carry

  • Can be difficult to assemble

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8. Sport Pet Rolling Plastic Travel Kennel

If you want a crate that’s functional both at home and during traveling, choose Sport Pet Rolling Plastic Travel Kennel. This crate is perfect for everyday home use and traveling. It is designed for a lifetime of use and is easy to assemble.

The air travel crate is IATA airline-approved and features two dishes, four live animal stickers, plus metal bolts and nuts. 

It is made with durable plastic construction and includes wheels for easy portability. It also includes a 33” waterproof bed.

Such an item is equipped with a strong metal door, a smooth latch, metal slats to minimize chewing, and an accident moat to pull spills away from the body. 

The sturdy and durable construction makes for easy assembly, and it includes everything you need for airline travel. 

Its metal slats, locking mechanism, snaps, and impact-resistant poly shell provide safety and security, while a car accident moat pulls spilled liquids away from your pet.

Before traveling, pet owners should check with the airline for pet crating and kennel transportation rules.

It is also important to limit kennel time and not leave the pet under the sun. For further questions, customers can contact SportPet’s customer service.

Image 11 07 2023 at 14.09 The 9 Best Car Crates for Dogs [year]: Affordable and Safe

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Specific Features

  • IATA airline-approved

  • Includes dishes (2) and live animal stickers (4)

  • Metal bolts and nuts included for assembly

  • Sturdy and durable plastic construction

  • Wheels snap on and off

  • Accident moat pulls spilled liquids away from the pet

  • Metal slats to mitigate chewing

  • Impact-resistant poly shell

  • Secure door latch

  • Pet certifications and immunizations required by some airlines


  • IATA airline-approved and includes everything needed

  • Sturdy and durable for long-term use  

  • Wheels for travel convenience

  • Spill guard for pet safety

  • Metal slats for added security

  • prevents car crash


  • Can be a bit expensive

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9. BestPet Double-Door Metal Dog Crate

BestPet Double-Door Metal Dog Crate is a foldable, metal crate that comes with a divider and tray for easy access to food and water. It is designed to keep your pet safe and secure. 

The kennel for dog is made of heavy-duty metal construction with a black finish and a corrosion-resistant coating. The double-door design allows the pet to move freely between the 2 separate enclosures.

The carrier features a divider panel to keep pets out of each other’s territory. It comes with a leak-proof plastic tray and a top handle for easy carrying. 

This sturdy crate is easy to set up and fold flat for storage. It is the perfect choice for keeping larger pets secure. It is one of the crash tested dog crates and one of the cheaper crates in the market.

Moreover, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and features two doors, a handle, and a sturdy construction for long-term use. It is available for small dogs and those of extra size.

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Specific Features

  • Made of sturdy metal for long-term durability

  • Comes with a double-door design for easy access

  • Has a divider panel for creating separate areas

  • Includes a tray and handle for easy transportation

  • With a foldable design for easy storage

  • Available in sizes ranging from extra-small to x-large


  • Easy to transport and store

  • Comes in a variety of sizes

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Easy access

  • Offers pet safety


  • Some users have complained about the lack of a lock for the crate door

  • Not suitable for dogs larger than 48 inches in length

    For more of your pet essentials needs, visit our dog safety products page here.

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Dog Crate Defined

Sometimes referred to as a kennel, a dog crate is a safe and comfortable space for your pet to retreat to. 

The crate provides a den-like environment that helps your canine companion feel secure and less anxious. 

Most crates are made from durable wire and plastic and typically come with a comfortable, washable mat or cushion. 

They often have a divider wall which can be adjusted to help him learn to “hold it” for longer periods. 

Also, many crates have a top handle, so you can easily move or take the crate with you. 

They are available in various sizes and shapes so you can find one that is the most appropriate for your pup.

Importance of Car Dog Crate

A dog crate is an essential part of your dog’s life. There are many reasons why you should consider getting one as follows:

  • Best dog crates provide safety for your pup by keeping him in one place while you are driving. You don’t want him running around the car while you are driving, and a dog’s crate keeps him secure and safe in the backseat or trunk. Learn more about how to safely car travel with your dog here.

  • Dog crates come equipped with features that make traveling with a dog more enjoyable. Many of these kennels feature vents for ample circulation and limit the build-up of hot and cold temperatures within the crate as well as a removable pad that improves the comfort of the crate.

  • The crates help keep him from chewing on things in the car like seat belts and other parts of the car interior, which can cause serious damage if left unchecked. They keep him from being able to get into places where he can cause damage. So, you must use it whenever possible!

  • These kennels can make your commute more enjoyable for both of you! If you have an anxious or shy dog that doesn’t like to travel alone in the car, a crate will help make him calm and relaxed during travel time. This will also make your long trips fly by much more quickly!

  • Dog crates are beneficial for dog owners who want to make traveling with their pets more convenient. These crates can be kept in the trunk or backseat of a car, allowing owners to quickly move them in and out of the vehicle with ease. This is especially helpful for those who make frequent road trips with their pup. Learn some safety tips for a road trip with your pooch from via animal Hospital.

  • They allow you to transport your pet safely without worrying about him accessing items that could be dangerous, such as sharp objects or fluids. Similarly, they keep food and other items limited to the outside of the crate to prevent him from making a mess inside the car.

  • In addition, crates can be used to show visitors, such as the vet or groomer, that your pet is properly secured, promoting a better attitude with him.

Thinking of the right car crate for your pup? 

Types of Car Dog Crates

There are a lot of different types of dog crates out there, and they can be confusing to figure out. 

We’ve put together a list of the most common types of dog crates so you can find the right one for your pooch.

Plastic Car Crates

The plastic type is probably the most common type of car crate. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and transport, and doesn’t require assembly. They are inexpensive compared to the other crates.

Plastic crates are ideal for smaller dogs and require minimal assembly compared to other types of crates. 

They typically fit into the car’s back seat or floor space and can be quickly taken apart or reassembled in minutes as needed. 

They are also often the most affordable options and are constructed out of a tough plastic mesh and secured with clip or buckle straps.

The drawback is that it tends to be flimsy and won’t last as long as other types of dog kennels. 

They’re also not very sturdy, so they tend to fold or break when taken off your car and put in a house or apartment.

Soft-Sided Dog Travel Crates

A soft-sided crate is a great option if you’re looking for something lightweight but still sturdy enough to withstand rough treatment from your dog. 

This kind of soft crate has all sorts of ventilation holes, so your pet won’t overheat or get too hot during travel.

Soft-sided crates are designed to be lightweight and easily fit into large vehicle spaces. They are made of fabric or canvas and can be easily collapsed for easy storage. 

They do not provide as much ventilation as plastic crates, but they still offer plenty of comfort for your pet with lots of cushioning and even some pockets.

These dog carriers have handles so you can easily carry the crate from place to place without worrying about hurting yourself or dropping them on your foot when they are heavy! 

They are a more expensive option, but they are safer for your dog as they won’t break when taken out of the car.

The drawback with this kind of crate is that it doesn’t usually come with any sort of padding inside if you’re worried about how comfortable your pet will be lying down inside one for long periods without being able to stand up straight and stretch out his legs properly.

Wire or Plastic Combined Crates

Wire or plastic combined crates are other options that are available at most pet stores. 

Can be the safest dog crates are made up of a wire frame that holds the walls together, while plastic pieces cover the sides of these enclosures.

These wire crates offer the best of both worlds – secure containment and plenty of ventilation. 

They combine the durability of a wire frame and the ventilation of a plastic crate with a sturdy lid and front access door.

These dog travel crates provide more support than soft-sided ones do. They keep your pup safe from all sides. 

However, they’re still not as safe as plastic ones because dogs can chew through them easily or even swallow them!

Factors to consider when purchasing a dog crate for car.

Features of the Right Car Crate for Dogs

When planning to get your dog a car crate, it is important to take some considerations.

Size and Fit

The right car crate for dogs should be large enough for your pet to move around and turn around while remaining secure. It should fit snugly in your vehicle to be secure and safe for your pet. 

Measure your car’s cargo area before purchasing a crate, and double-check the measurements of the crate manufacturer.


Typically, quality dog car crates are made from durable steel or aluminum frames, with a secure top and sides to prevent your pet from escaping. 

The material should be thick and sturdy enough to keep your dog comfortable and safe while riding in the car, yet not be so heavy as to be a burden to move around or transport. 

Refer to KDLL’s article explaining the significance of crate materials in choosing the best dog crate for your car.

Safety Features

Dog travel car crates should feature secure and safe latches to ensure your dog cannot escape during transport. 

Look for a crate with inserts that reinforce the construction and keep your pet securely in place, whether you’re going around a sharp corner or braking suddenly.


Ventilation is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best dog crate because it allows fresh air to circulate in the dog while in the crate. 

This keeps the dog cool in hot temperatures and reduces air currents that could cause drafts and unwanted noise from outside the car. 

Proper ventilation also helps prevent the accumulation of moisture and stagnant air inside the crate, which can harm the dog’s health over time. 

Additionally, it is beneficial to ensure proper airflow to avoid the buildup of carbon dioxide and other gases that can cause respiratory discomfort. 

Having adequate ventilation within the dog crate will allow the pet to see out, so they do not feel completely confined as well.


Look for a car crate that is made of durable materials, such as high-strength steel or aluminum. 

Check that the locking system is strong and secure and that the wires or slats are evenly spaced and coated to prevent rust and corrosion. 

The heavy duty travel crate should be constructed to endure the rigors of regular use, so it should have strong, rust-resistant construction that can handle the bumps and jolts of car travel. 

Another consideration is for the crash tested dog crates.


Ensure that the car crate has a comfortable interior, with enough floor space and cushioning for your dog to lie down and stretch out. 

See to it that the size of the crate is suitable for the size and breed of your dog; an excessively large crate will offer a lack of security and an excessively small one may cause your dog to feel cramped and uncomfortable. 

Look for features such as ventilation slots, water bowls, or removable liners to help keep your pet cool and hydrated.

FAQs on the Dog Car Crate

Should you miss some learnings, the following frequently asked questions and answers may be of great help:

Is it better to place your canine in a crate in the vehicle?

It is a matter of personal preference. Some people feel that crating a dog in the car makes them feel more secure and can help protect both the dog and the car during the car ride. 

It can also help to contain the mess and prevent the dog from jumping around in the car, making the car ride safer for the driver. 

However, crating a dog in the car is not necessary and some people find it more comfortable and enjoyable to have their dog ride freely in the back of the car. 

Ultimately, the decision between crating or not crating should be based on the behavior of the dog, the size of the vehicle, and the preferences of the dog owner.

What is the best car carrier for an anxious dog?

The best car carrier for an anxious or misbehaving dog is one that is secure, comfortable, and spacious. Consider looking for a carrier with ample ventilation and made from a material that won’t cause your dog to overheat. 

Also, a carrier with secure latches or zippers that will prevent him from escaping is important, as is making sure the bottom is lined with padding for his comfort. 

Additionally, look for a carrier with easy-to-clean fabric and plenty of space for him to move around and lie down.

How big should my dog’s car crate be?

When deciding on the size of a car crate for your unrestrained dog, it is important to consider his size and breed. 

As a rule of thumb, you should select a crate that is just large enough for him to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably. 

If you plan to transport him in the crate for an extended period, look for an option with a slightly larger size so that he has room to move about. 

Finally, carefully read the product specifications and instructions for sizing provided by the manufacturer to ensure you purchase the correct size for your pet.

Which crate is better for an anxious dog?

The best type of crate for an anxious dog is one that creates a den-like environment. Look for dog crates for car travel that are dark, spacious enough for the dog to move around, and made from materials that are easy to clean. 

For additional reassurance, adding a blanket or pillow to the crate can help create a secure and comforting environment for your anxious pup.

Why do you need to crate your dog during car travel?

 Crating your dog during car travel is important for several reasons: safety, comfort, and practicality. 

Crate training helps to ensure your pup’s safety in the vehicle, and creates a safe and comfortable place for him if you must make sudden stops. 

It helps to keep him (and potentially your car!) safe from any messes he may make. 

A crate also helps prevent distracted driving, especially if he is easily distracted by the sights and sounds outside. 

Crate training also cuts down the risk of his escaping if a door or window is accidentally opened while driving. 

Visit The Human Society of the United States for tips on crate training your dog.


When it comes to finding the best dog crates for dogs, the most important considerations are safety, size, and durability. 

The right dog car crate should provide your dog with the highest possible level of protection and comfort. 

It should be easy to install and made of durable materials. Lastly, make sure to check the manufacturer’s policies and warranties before deciding on the right car crate for your dog.

Our Top Pick

We chose K&H Pet Products Dog Travel Crate as the best dog crate for car travel due to its features and design. The crate is made with a durable sheepskin-like, simulated Sherpa material that offers a soft, comfortable ride for your pup. 

It also features double-sewn 2″ high-grade steel frame tubing for added strength and durability.

With easy set-up and takedown, easy storage, and its lightweight design, K&H Pet Products Dog Travel Crate is our favorite dog crate as it offers the ultimate travel crate for keeping your pup safe and comfortable while on the go.

By following the guidelines above, you can ensure that you find a dog car crate that will keep your pup safe and secure during your travels.

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