Top 4 Pet Insurance That Covers Routine Care

Pet Insurance That Covers Routine Care

Are you looking for pet insurance that covers both routine and preventive healthcare for your dog?

Confused about how much premium to pay and what plan will be right for your particular dog breed and budget Then read on, this guide is for you!

Let us study the best plans that cover routine care at affordable premiums.

Some of these pet insurance providers also offer accident and illness coverage as well as emergency medical coverage in addition to wellness coverage.

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4 Top-Rated Pet Insurance Companies That Cover Routine Care

Below are four of the top pet health insurance providers that are voted as the best pet insurance company in the USA by many pet parents.

Their pet wellness plans offer several benefits. These pet wellness insurance providers offer money-back and up to 90% coverage on vet bills.

1. Pet First

Also known as MetLife Insurance, PetFirst is one of the most popular insurance companies that cover routine care.

Moreover, they also have add-ons to their pet wellness plans that cover heartworm medicines, tick and flea prevention treatments, vaccinations and booster shots, and annual routine exams.

2. Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace pet insurance is another top-rated wellness insurance plan. It can help you get back 90% on your vet bills.

You can also visit any veterinarian of your choice. Moreover, their Wellness Rewards program for pet wellness plans reimburses you for routine care expenses, annual exams, vaccinations, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention.

3. Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide’s pet insurance pet wellness plan] starts from $35 a month and covers illness, routine care, and even emergencies.

They also let you use any vet and have helped millions of pet owners with affordable pet insurance for their fur babies. They also have a pet wellness plan that covers flea-tick prevention, heartworm treatment, etc.

4. ASPCA Insurance

ASPCA has paid out over $300 million for covered claims since 2008. This company wants every pet owner to be able to afford routine and emergency medical care for their dogs.

The company offers customizable wellness plans that best fit your pet’s health needs and budgetary needs.

They also have a preventative care add-on to their wellness plans to cover routine care services like wellness plan exams, vaccinations, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention. 

You can get almost 90% back on certain medicines. Their Complete Coverage wellness plan covers accidents, illness, behavioral issues, dental issues, and more.

Their Accident-Only wellness plan provides 90% back on torn ligaments, bite wounds, swallowed objects, and more.

How to Choose Pet Insurance?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right pet wellness plans for your dog:

Understand Different Terminologies

Once you visit several pet insurance providers, understand the terminologies they use.

If needed, call your shortlisted pet insurance companies and ask about deductibles, co-pay/co-insurance costs, and coverage limits for each of their wellness plan offerings. 

Shop around and Get Quotes

Talk to fellow pet owners to find out about their pet health insurance and the kind of wellness plan they have selected.

By shopping around and comparing quotes from various pet insurance companies for the best wellness plan, you can get the lowest monthly premiums for a pet wellness plan with complete coverage.

Consider whether they have spay-neuter coverage too included in their wellness plan.

Ask if they cover dental cleanings, routine wellness exams, annual exams, and nutritional supplements as part of preventative care.

If your dog needs special massage therapy or a blood test for specific health problems, then determine if those are covered.

Remember: it is better to buy wellness plan insurance before your doggy develops any health issues.

Decide on a Pet Wellness Plan

Once you find a pet wellness plan that suits your budget, compare the pet wellness plans offered by other companies.

We have already enlisted the top pet insurance policy providers above. Choose from one of them and get an understanding of their preventive care coverage.

Find out if they also cover spay-neuter surgery.

Check Reviews

Always check online reviews to see what other pet parents are saying about each pet insurance company. Mainly, you must determine if the company makes it easy to submit a claim.

Buy The Policy 

Once you have done your homework, go ahead and buy the policy as soon as possible before your dog develops any health issues.

What Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company Regarding Their Pet Wellness Plans?

The most important question is to ask about the coverage of their wellness plans. You can also ask about their preventative care.

Their wellness plans should let you select your own vet. Most importantly, ask them what their wellness plan or does not cover.

Ask them about their reimbursement policies. Find out what is and isn’t covered. Understand the policy terms. Some companies require you to pay upfront and they offer reimbursement later.

FAQs – Pet Wellness Care Plans

What is the Average Cost of Pet Insurance in the US?

Most pet parents spend between $20-$50 a month on their pet insurance plan. Some of these may even cover accidents and illnesses in addition to preventative care.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Yes, in addition to routine care coverage, good pet insurance may offer spay neuter coverage, accident coverage, etc.

It also preventive care, routine services, and pet wellness visit costs that can cost thousands of dollars. Some even cover heartworm tests or felv screen.

Most even cover Lyme vaccine and blood work as long as they aren’t preexisting conditions.

What is the Disadvantage of Pet Insurance?

Some insurance company plans have an annual limit. They may not cover items like dental care.

Most wellness plans only cover routine veterinary care and vet visits and may not have wellness add-ons. They may also have waiting periods for reimbursement.

They may not cover heartworm tests and unexpected injury costs. Insuring older pets or pets with hereditary conditions may be more expensive too.

Which Insurance for Pets Covers Wellness Visits and Neutering?

Figo, ASPCA, Embrace, and Pets Best cover wellness exams, vet visits, and neutering.

Some plans provide spaying and neutering reimbursement in addition to wellness care and wellness exams.

Conclusion – Pet Insurance for Routine Pet Care

There are several companies that give good coverage when it comes to pet insurance for routine care.

We hope this guide helps simplify the process and empowers you to select the right pet insurance plan for your fur buddy.

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