7 Healthy Bulldog Activities [ Photos of Bulldogs Working Out ]

featured image by @gaston_delapoussiere

Just like humans, Bulldogs need physical activities for optimum physical and immune health. But that’s not the only benefits. Bulldogs also need activities to keep them happy, but not too much, just enough. An occasional walk in the park,  a little bit of malling, more breathing and relaxation and enough hugs and kisses surely works. Seriously, let’s check out what in reality Bulldogs do to keep themselves in shape. Bulldogs love variety of activities so they don’t get bored. But since no two Bulldogs are identical, particularly in terms of favorite things to do, check out the photos below to see what activities Bulldogs love.

1. I love playing tug of war challenge with my friend. It is so fun if you win but if you don’t win it’s so sad.


2. Playing soccer surely makes me tired, but not too tired for selfies.


3. Stretching and flexing my muscles keeps my sanity. It gives me so much energy to face the new day.


4. That’s no joke. Swimming in the rapids is my life and I do that when nobody’s watching.


5. You don’t always have to go to the gym to exercise. Planting in the garden is something I enjoy doing everyday and when I want to have alone time.


6. Did you know that shopping is the best exercise? It doesn’t only make me exercise physically, but also my judgement on which dog food to buy.


7. Spending some time my friends and few drinks on Friday nights inspire me to go to the gym the next day.


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