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8 Alternative Bulldogs Wearing Awesome Outfits

Featured image by @longislandbulldogrescue
If you own a Bulldog, certainly you love them for their strong spirit. Besides, they can do and wear anything, and they still look good. So, there’s nothing better than  Alternative Bulldogs. They are the same but with a reckless soul, and sometimes, special gifts. They don’t care about what people say. Thus, they’ll do everything they want at the time they feel they should. Ultimately, they want to rock this world and show that being different is a cool thing.

1.  I know it’s not October, but Halloween is in our hearts all year long.


2. What do you mean we’re not going to the beach, and instead, to the park?


3. Yes, I look like Clint Eastwood because we think the same about the West.


4. Always a romantic, never a heartbreaker. Therefore, girls love me.


5. We agree that my parents love me, but they don’t have much sense of fashion.


6. I have to wear these fake teeth. Otherwise, people will not fear me.


7. Yeah, take a picture from all my angles, but don’t you dare to post the worst.


8. If you’re proud of your nation, then, every day is 4th of July.


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