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Amazing Bulldogs Celebrating The 4th of July

Featured Photo Credit: @mackthebullydog
After a long weekend in sunny beaches, the forest or the pool, on monday, americans celebrated Independence Day which is also the biggest holiday in the country, because not everyday is your 240th birthday isn’t it? Firework displays and parties are the most well-known activities associated with this date, but this year, our amazing Bulldogs are going to join us with pretty costumes and awesome performances to honor the day and the summer!

1. Matching outfits for this little couple

2. Do I look like a girl from the 60’s?

3. Guess who’s going to get the best picture and video of the day?

4. This is a day where we should celebrate while sleeping.

5. Ready for some holiday’s work out time!

6. I bet you haven’t seen yet a dog outfit better than this, huh?

7. A home and a country should leave us no more 🎶🎶

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