Best Places To Travel With Dog

Best Places To Travel With Dog

Once more, the season has arrived when you ponder over where your next vacation spot should be. If you’re a dog lover and wish to have your canine companion join you on every journey, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll share information on several of the best destinations that welcome dogs!

Keep reading to find the best pet-friendly places while traveling with dogs.

But before heading to the best places, consider why you bring your pup on travel.

Traveling With Dogs

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next vacation, consider traveling with dogs. Many dog-friendly hotels worldwide have amenities like doggy pools and yards so they can run free all day long! Dogs seem to have an innate sense of adventure, and they don’t mind travel at all.

For sure that most people would enjoy going somewhere new with their furry friends!

Things to Consider Before the Trip

If you’re thinking about taking your dog on a trip, make sure they’re well taken care of. These four things must happen before departure:

  • Clear out any food or water bowls so there won’t be unwanted distractions while in transit.
  • Check if their vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Make arrangements for pet-friendly accommodations.
  • Book tickets (and buy the plane ticket as early!), then book pet-friendly hotels once at the destination!

If traveling by car taking your dog along, make sure the window seat is down, and you should turn the air conditioning off first.

Do you really need to bring your pup on travel?

Importance of Traveling with Dogs

Best Places To Travel With Dog
Best Places To Travel With Dog 3

Bring your dog with you in your travel for the following reasons:

Health or Physical Well-Being

It is always important while traveling with dogs as a family member. Traveling is a great way for your dog to get exercise. Be sure he is in good health and have all of his shots before leaving, or you could potentially get sick!

Dogs need exercise just like humans do. Make time each day for them so that both sides’ needs can be met during any trip.


While dogs are great companions, they can be challenging to travel with. The right equipment makes all the difference in how smoothly your dog travels and enjoys their experience!

As you may have guessed, traveling with dogs is not just fun and games. No matter where they’re going or what their purpose of travel could be, there are some things that every pet owner should know before taking them anywhere on an airplane-friendly vehicle, such as plane tickets (or any type).

For example, all animals need food during take-off time which means extra expense. A kennel needs electricity if it stays indoors, so we’ll budget more than usual. Try getting a pet-friendly hotel or renting an apartment that allows pets.

Additionally, pets must always wear tags showing ownership in case anything happens while out.

Social Well-Being

Dogs are social creatures and need to interact with other dogs. Like humans, they also need to go outdoor and socialize.

Be aware of the different laws in different countries about traveling with dogs, such as quarantine periods and vaccination requirements.


Keep in mind that you’ll be gone for at least one week (and possibly much longer) – make sure someone can take care of your home, plants, and animals while you’re away! 

Consider taking pictures of your pet before leaving so they have something from the trip when you get back!

So, where should you travel with your best friend?

Dog-Friendly Vacation Ideas

Finding the best places to travel with your dog can be a daunting task. From how far you need to go during potty breaks to whether or not they’ll fit in the car, it’s hard to decide which place will suit them best.

Whether you want to find the best dog-friendly beaches or have some quality time in the mountains, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best places for dogs. So grab your leash, pack up your car and start planning now!

Beverly Hills, California

To find the best places to travel with your dog, look no further than Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is a city that offers the best of both worlds: great weather and plenty of outdoor space.

It’s no surprise then to learn they’re home to some canine-friendly destinations like hiking trails or dog-friendly vacation spots!

This beautiful city in California has so many trails and destinations that are great for dogs and their owners!

Beverly Hills is home to over 18 famous luxury hotels with pet-friendly patios, where you can find everything from a road trip, to hiking trails and destinations in the area. So, whether your furry friend needs some exercise or wants some time off work, BeverlyHills might be their destination of choice.

Hakone, Japan

Have you ever wanted to bring your dog on an adventure year-round? Or maybe, the best place in Japan is right outside our door. With so many great destinations and activities available, it’s tough for humans not to be biased when choosing where they want their pup/furry friend gone all week long!

Hakone offers beautiful hikes through nature preserves or enjoys one of its famous hot springs. If that sounds too tame, try going rafting downriver from here.

Just make sure no dogs are within sight because these might get loose excitedly while chasing each other through shallow waters.

Hakone, Japan, is a great destination for people who love dogs. From what to do in Hakone when you visit with your four-legged friend or want a fantastic vacation spot all on its own, this tiny island has everything!

New York

Have you ever wanted to take your dog on vacation? Many places allow this, and the best ones for dogs will be revealed here.

From visiting famous tourist attractions like Central Park or Ellis Island, you can also take them on hikes in Queens, known for being dog-friendly! Whether it’s trails or just city-hopping around New York City, there is something pet-friendly in store!

New York is a great place to travel with your dog. You can hike on scenic trails through woodlands and fields of green. It’s always fun reaching that mountain peak or river valley! There will be moments where both human companions take out their devices in surprise at what they’re seeing (due mainly to camera phones).

However, enjoy these quiet interactions as much if not more than any other part of the trip together. This might turn into one memorable vacation after all.


For those who want to take their dogs on a pet-friendly vacation, Colorado is a great place. The residents are very friendly, and there are plenty of places for hiking in the mountain or just relaxing by the campfire with all this beautiful energy around!

The best places in Colorado to travel with your dog are Pikes Peak, which offers sweeping views of the city and mountains. Other popular destinations for canines include Fort Collins on Dove Creek Trailhead or Leadville near APD’s Water Treatment Plant trails and Frisco Reservoir.

Colorado is a beautiful state with an abundance of places to explore outdoor. From the towns and cities that make up its population all the way down into some truly breathtaking national parks like Red Rock Canyon or Grand Gulch, there’s something in Colorado for everyone!

South Carolina

Discover South Carolina with your loved pup! South Carolina is an excellent destination for people who love adorable canines. From the best dog-friendly vacation spots to national parks with leash areas that welcome your dog, there’s so much you’ll want to see and do in this beautiful state!

The Broad River Delta makes for an excellent destination if you have a dog. The area has miles and miles of trails that will keep both canines and humans happy all day long while they explore its many amenities, such as wildlife refuges or fishing spots on still waters like rivers or lakes.

Just make sure not too far from shore since it gets profound sometimes here.

If dogs aren’t really what comes naturally, then don’t worry because these riverfronts offer plenty of opportunities to explore without having any furry friends along; remember though-you’ll need waterproof shoes, so nothing slips.

South Carolina is a canine dream destination. Whether you’re traveling with your pup or want to get away for the day, there are plenty of places in South Carolina to explore and enjoy!

Barcelona, Spain

Plan your next dog-friendly vacation in pet-friendly Barcelona, Spain. This Mediterranean city has so much to offer for any pet lover and their best friend! Head over to the La Sagrada Familia church or take a walk through Parc de la Ciutadella.

One thing’s certain. You won’t be disappointed if this Spanish capital becomes an annual destination on every Barkadventurers’ list.

For travelers who want to bring their dogs with them on vacation, many places make it possible. Barcelona is one such destination in Spain where you can enjoy a fun-filled walk and explore the surroundings. This is taking care of all those not behaved moments with your pup at home!

People should know before traveling abroad alongside some tips for making travel more enjoyable as well.

The exotic cultures offered by other countries may be something your dog hasn’t experienced yet, so be sure not to miss out. Just pack up his favorite toy or two because he’ll have an amazing time rolling around smelling new scents.

North Carolina

North Carolina is a dog-loving state, with tons of destinations to explore and great trails for hiking. South Carolinians love their four-legged friends too! If you’re looking for more than just camping sites near Columbia or Greenville, then it’s time we got acquainted over coffee (or wine).

How about taking your dog on vacation this year?

There are so many places around America that allow pets, including parks such as Yellowstone, where they can run free without worrying about leash laws. There are historical towns like Williamsburg, which has thousands upon thousands of buildings from colonial times.

Farm tours in Indiana experience how food gets from farm fields into grocery stores right outside Indianapolis home neighborhoods–even farms open.

North of Charlotte, there’s plenty of forestlands where you can enjoy hikes with your pet or head out west into the Blue Ridge Mountains to find some more isolated wilderness areas that are entirely free from humans!

South Carolina also has many places perfect if you want an advanced canine vacation: popular destinations like Mesa Verde National Park offer incredible views. At the same time, Wild Dune Trail will take them off-leash in pristine nature preserves full of wildlife.

Don’t forget how Dog-friendly vacations make traveling more manageable than ever before as well!

Bruges, Belgium

You don’t have to travel far for a great vacation! Bruges, Belgium, is home to many dog-friendly activities and nature.

You can explore the city or hike on some beautiful pet-friendly trails in designated areas by a national park called “BEST PLACES.” You can enjoy hiking trails and visit destinations like cities or national parks (both are great!).

The best places to travel with your dog are Bruges in Belgium. This charming little city has so much that you and Fido can do – from trails, destinations like citywide explore, or ZOOBAPARK for some fresh air at the state park as well! If culture isn’t really what grabs their attention, there are always gelato tasting tours nearby through vineyards.

Bruges, Belgium, is a place that many people recommend for those who love dogs. You’ll find great trails, and the city itself can be very friendly towards your four-legged friend! All hotels in Breiten allow pets on the property.

Ask about their policies when booking. If it says, no cats or canines, then don’t book them there because they’re not animal friendly.

Bar Harbor, Maine

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly vacation destination, Bar Harbor is one of the best destinations that welcome pets. It’s home to plenty of dog-friendly hiking trails and beautiful views! Also, it is home to some of the best trails, destinations, and city life with its famous lobster boats!

Bar Harbor, Maine, is the place to go for a fun-filled vacation with your furry pal. Here you’ll find hiking trails and destinations that are both dog-friendly or just perfect as an opportunity to spend some quality time together!

From Acadia National Park (a national park or a state park) down Main Street, there are plenty of shopping options alongside scenic views from various points across town.

Bar Harbor has something special so make sure not to miss this charming small seaside community when traveling through New England next summer months ahead.

Venice, Italy

It’s time to pack your bags and head on a journey with your furry best friend! It’s a beautiful destination for the whole family! There are many hiking trails, so your pet can get some exercise too while they’re on vacation or spending time at home relaxing after exploring this historic city themselves (hint: bring plenty of treats).

Avenues full of color; street musicians playing every tune imaginable; gondola rides down riverside where the reflection of churches. There are many dog-friendly places in Venice, Italy. If you’re looking for friendly hiking trails or destinations that suit both pets and their owners alike.

There is no better place than this pet-friendly medieval city where history comes alive every day of the year. So, don’t miss out on booking now before it fills up fast!

Sedona, Arizona

Dogs and their owners alike will enjoy a trip to Sedona. It’s not just for humans! There are pet-friendly accommodations and dog-friendly restaurants with vegan options available too. Make it one of the best places in Arizona, or anywhere else you can visit with your dog while still getting some quality time at home.

Try exploring all that this beautiful city has on offer, from hiking trails close by Courthouse Square, where there are plenty of opportunities to meet other pups as well. If they’re visiting during their vacation, it gives them something new to explore every day.

Take your pup for a trip to Sedona, a fantastic destination for dog owners to take their pets, and the city of Sedona has tons of places where you can go if your dog loves hiking or exploring new scenery.

Suppose other national parks or dog parks are more up your alleys; camera yourself inside some beautiful red rock formations in this wonderland-like area!

No matter what kind you want to wander around whether historic sightseeing neighborhoods bout culture festivals shopping chances abound here. So, pack up those leashes and bring your furry companion along.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, is an excellent place for your pup to explore! You can find all sorts of things in the city and its surroundings. Many dog-friendly vacation destinations offer different activities from zip-lining or hiking through nature preserves.

Still, there’s also plenty more fun stuff if you’re looking at something less intense, like shopping at Magnificent Mile in high heels while sipping on an ice cream cone.

Chicago is a great city to travel to with your dog. You’ll find that it has everything you need for an excellent vacation, including many places that welcome dogs, lots of the best parks in America, and so much more!

If you’re looking forward to visiting one destination this year, then go pack up that luggage because there are tons more than just dog parks around. Dogs want some exploring done before you’ve even begun your trip planner itineraries.

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FAQs on the Best Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations

Most dog parents frequently asked the following questions:

What is the best way to travel across the country with a dog?

Traveling with a dog can be as simple as renting a car and driving it yourself, or more complicated such as hiring high-end pet sitting.
Dogs love exploring, so you’ll never have to worry about accompanying your dog on their walk of shame back home from the store!
The best place to travel with your furballs is where they won’t get tired and homesick. They need to stay in the hotel room where their owners or parents want them. There should be long open stretches of grass for playing fetch.
There should be enough trees for running through, water nearby for drinking, plenty of walks around your neighborhood with people who love you.
While most bigger cities offer all these things in some form, finding a healthy haven with the right ratio is key.

What is the best country that allows dogs?

UK-England is the best place for dogs (and they even advertise themselves as #1). There are “dog zones” on public transport on most buses that contain water bowls and seats that fold down into specially designed dog beds.
All National Trust properties let children bring their four-legged friends along with them. These pet-friendly areas provide access points at regular intervals that have been specially designed to double up as steps for humans and ‘steps’ for canines!
I can’t believe this list is going on forever, but it’s a nice one!

What is the best way to travel across the country with a dog?

The best way to travel across the country with a dog is to take him on long walks, provide plenty of water and food, and try not to keep him in the car for more than 5-10 minutes at a time.
And don’t forget your adventurous pup’s most trusted companion: his leash!
It can be difficult and expensive to fly with pets. To avoid risk and confusion, we recommend you book a United Airlines PetSafe reservation in advance.
This will let you know what service is available for your pet on any given day.

Can I vacation with my dog?

Consider the climate and forecast before taking your dog on a foreign vacation, although dogs have traveled from one country to another. Many people travel from country to country just with their dogs.
There are exciting pet-friendly tourist destinations that you can both visit and take your pet with you such as on a road trip.

What is the most dog-friendly state?

All of the USA is dog-friendly, but for those looking to travel with their canine companion. The best place to live with your pet is St. Petersburg, Florida. More than 400 city parks or dog parks and preserves on more than ten different islands, each offering its own unique nature preserve experience.
Other places to visit on your trip include White Stone Vineyards in Virginia Beach, which has washable beach access sensitive habitats close by. Yellowstone National Park’s canines were granted free admission back in September 2017.
Birmingham, Alabama is full of pet-friendly green space measuring 76 square miles. It is about ten times the size of New York City’s Central Park. Also, it often offers doggy incentives for loyal canines.

Can I travel the world with my dog?

Yes, you can travel the world with your dog! Your pet must be healthy and meet a few requirements before going any further. If not, they might have to stay home. First of all, your dog needs a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian who has seen him within ten days of departure date.
Canine travelers also need to have been vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days or three months before they arrive in countries requiring vaccinations by law.
Other animals may also need documentation upon entering some countries due to international agreements for the import/export of certain animal species.

Final Thoughts

We’ve dug deep to find the best places for your dog to enjoy a vacation with you. If you have any other recommendations, we want to hear about them!

Let us know in the comments below what you think are some of the best pet-friendly destinations or cities that would be dog friendly and where they can go on walks without restrictions and swim at dog-friendly beaches.

Share your ideas so others can see if those locations might make their list too!

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