To use dog pee pads or not to use puppy training pads – a conundrum a lot of new owners struggle with when preparing to housebreak their puppy.

And when you do decide to use them, the slew of products available in the market makes it even more of a head-scratcher when it comes to choosing a brand or the right features.

But, before diving into a buyer’s guide for puppy pee pads, let’s consider why you need them…

Why You Should Have Puppy Training Pads at Home

Being the owner of a new puppy brings days of pretty much endless fun and games. But it also, unfortunately, requires endless cleaning up after the little one’s accidents.

And it’s not just puppies alone.

Perhaps you’ve just taken in an older dog who needs housebreaking all over again due to the new surroundings.

Maybe you’re caring for recovering dog who can’t step out to eliminate, an older dog whose ability to hold it in long enough for walks outside.

Dog training pads can be useful in a surprisingly wide variety of situations:

  • Housebreaking (duh), and training to start eliminating outside
  • Living in an area without easy access to a safe spot near your place for elimination
  • When you have long working hours, and can’t expect your dog to hold it in long enough for you to get home
  • When the weather is too harsh for a safe trip outside
  • Incontinence is driven by submissive urination, sickness, or old age

So, clearly, having a stock of wee wee pee pads handy at home is a wise decision.

But now that we’ve established that, how do you go about choosing the right one for your pup?

Let’s take a look at the factors to consider, and the special features to look for when you’re choosing the ideal puppy training pads for your dog, that you can use without worry at home.

1. Are they Absorbent Enough?

This, of course, is the primary feature you should check on before you buy any puppy training pad.

If the training pads you choose aren’t made of quality material, and the layers aren’t engineered and crafted just right, it could defeat the entire purpose of having the pads in the first place.

In addition to being able to absorb all of your dog’s waste, the pads should be capable of holding it all in, as well, while being durable enough to resist any damage or leaks.

For instance, Bulldogology’s premium puppy training pads have a 6-layer design, incorporating several states of the art material such as non-woven fabric, 5g SAP with Bullsorbent® Polymer Tech, fluff pulp, waterproof PE film, and tissue paper.

The choice of materials complements each other to enhance the pads’ overall absorbency, and ability to soak up waste quickly while keeping the area dry, making them much more effective than run-of-the-mill pee pads.

That’s the sort of quality in build and design you’re looking for to be certain that there won’t be any “accidents”.

2. Are they the Right Size to Fit Your Dog?

This is something a lot of owners tend to overlook when they’re choosing puppy training pads.

If the pads are too small for your dog, she may end up “missing the target” on occasion, so to speak, even when she’s learned to use them.

Besides, the pad should be large enough to hold all your dog’s pee. So a large breed, such as a Great Dane or a Mastiff may well need an XL sized pad instead of regular ones.

The opposite can also be a problem – having pads that are too big may end up with your puppy confusing the pad for a bed, or some sort of “play mat”. You don’t want that.

Having a choice in terms of size in your preferred brand of puppy training pads makes things much more convenient to graduate to better fits as your puppy grows up.

For instance, the large sized Bulldogology premium puppy training pads are more than sufficient for your puppy’s early years. But you can conveniently switch to the puppy pad XL size once he grows up in coming years, no problem.

3. Can they Help with the Smell?

This is a problem that concerns many owners, and something that makes one think twice about having your dog eliminate at home – the inevitable stink.

And not all wee wee pads are made to deal with the smell.

Having the capability to counter the odor that comes with the waste is, needless to say, a real help – and Bulldogology’s puppy pads are one of the few that do this effectively.

4. Can they Stay in Place?

This is another problem with many puppy training pads – they often lack the design elements to help keep them stay in their designated spots.

Sometimes the pads tend to get moved around as your puppy gets on or off, or while it’s playing around nearby.

And you really don’t want a used pad lying around in the way for people, or your dog, to step on as they’re walking.

Good quality pads come with some adhesive material on the bottom, like the adhesive tape at the corners of the Bulldogology puppy pee pads, that keep the pads in place. So make sure you have this feature covered!

What do you make of our puppy training pad buying guide?

As we’ve hinted alongside the tips, our take on the ideal puppy pee pads has all of these features well covered to ensure that your place remains clean and dry as you housebreak your pup.

Check out our pee pads, share your comments in the section below to let us know what you think!

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