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Bulldog Carnival 2017: A Happy Costume Celebration

Welcome to the Bulldog Carnival 2017! We set up our cameras and went through all Bulldogology town capturing the best bully costumes out there. If you’re a costume fanatic, you’ll adore this post. Watch the most creative personifications and original characters. Don’t miss any detail of this celebration, how our bullies decided to get dressed, what they think of their choice and how much fun they’re going to get.

1. Those who doesn’t remember the past, can’t figure out the future.


2. We’re ready to investigate on your husband’s moves. Just give us a call!


3. My mom and I are flying to the moon, and also winning best costume idea.


4. Hate this mask so much. Besides, it’s not Halloween, dad!


5. We’re so ready to shoot a western film! Want to be the cowboy?


6. Are you willing to save the bullyworld? Our friends are counting on us!


7. Axl, let’s rock this Carnival. Turn up the volume and play some cool music!


8. Whoever said blondes have more fun than brunettes was right!


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