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Bulldog Food Day 2017: 7 Happy Bullies Celegrating

Featured image by @bukkel_the_english_bulldog
Food taste is different for everybody. Even though, everyone in Bulldogology town loves to celebrate Bulldog Food Day because there’s plenty of delicious things. Although, we promote a healthy nourishment on our babies. But, once in a while, we let them eat whatever they want. Therefore, this day is full of happy bullies everywhere.

1. Hey, dude! Can you give me a piece of that? But, not too much so I won’t get fat.

2. Please, stop eating and give it to me, mom. Don’t be such a bad mother.

3. I have to do the dishes. Otherwise, I won’t get delicious food tomorrow morning.

4. There’s anything better in this world than waking up with a cup of coffee.

5. Bulldog food is overrated. Look, this is what you get when you know what you want.

6. I’m just a puppy. But, I know what a good food is and this is not the case.

7. Posing like I have no hungry. Although, this won’t last much longer.

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