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Sweet Adventure: The Amazing Bulldog Ice Cream Festival 2017

Featured image by @marvin_the_bully
Prepare yourself to watch two of our favorite things in the world! Although, we still prefer Bulldogs over anything else! Anyway, food has a special place in our hearts, and our bullies think the same. Thus, they celebrate Bulldog Ice Cream Festival, dedicated to that delicious dessert that makes every heart happy. So, relax, and enjoy this sweet adventure!

1. Do you think because you’re human you can eat my ice cream?


2. This product is healthy. Therefore, I’m going to eat three!

3. Let’s eat it fast because someone can see us and I don’t want to share.


4. Don’t try to move your hand because I want to eat it all


5. Yes, you can watch me enjoying my ice cream, but you can’t steal it from me.


6. Call me greedy, but we both know there’s never too much ice cream.


7. I’m sad because my human only gave me this little of ice cream.


8. You made think this is real. So, I’ll make you think that I’m eating it.


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