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Bulldog Introvert Day 2018: 8 Beautiful And Shy Bulldogs

Featured image by @etta_may_the_bulldog
We know, not all Bulldogs are extrovert and love to spend time with friends. Therefore, we prepared a special festivities for those who love to spend time alone. Bulldog Introvert Day is about our shy and adorable babies who love lonely time and places. Although, they love to share special moments with their parents. Do you have a bully like that?

1. Introvert as a baby. But, I promise to share with friends when I grow up.

2. No, I’m not introvert. I’m super extrovert, but dad wanted this picture.

3. My dad knows how much I love to be alone. So, he bought me some coffee.

4. Mom, please, stop the pictures thing. Otherwise, I’ll go to sleep.

5. I will stay here thinking about my life. And then, I’ll go to watch series on Netflix.

6. Are you following me? Ok, but, you need to know I’m not much a talker.

7. Can I have some privacy here? Please, go because I need my time alone.

8. Being introvert means to be happy too. Although, I rather spend time on my own.

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