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Bulldog Meditation Day: Why Bullies Love To Enjoy Relaxation

Featured image by @pigrotten
You know our bullies in Bulldogology Town are not average. Thence, they like to try a lot of things. This times, it’s the chance to try something for body and mind’s health. You see, a yoga guru was in town so, they attended his class. Then, after hours they came back home fresh and new. Therefore, we asked what they learned? The answer was: Bulldog Meditation. So, they decided to practice it whenever they can. Indeed, we needed to catch them while practicing.

1. Mom tried to picture this moment, but she missed all the Bulldog Meditation fun.


2. OMG! What was I doing while meditating? They told me to imagine a happy place.


3. Safety first, because you never know what can happen when meditating.


4. Can you please leave me alone? I’m trying to meditate here.


5. Hey, miss! Come and take this off of me, and join the Bulldog meditation.


6. You meditate so hard, then, you can’t handle your body’s pose.


7. I need all this stuff to feel comfortable. Otherwise, I can’t concentrate.


8. Every time I meditate, I don’t care what is happening in the world.


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