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Bulldog Mud Party 2017: Love And Fun In A Mess

Featured image by @mascotasdelrey
Mud is obviously not a healthy supplement for our Bulldog, but they love it. In fact, all of us have the need to go wild and dirty sometimes. Therefore, our bullies adore celebrating their Mud Party. Once a year, our Bulldogology Town citizens go to the woods and play until they’re brown. Does your bully do the same? Join these babies on their dirty adventure!

1. The whole point in looking like a tough guy is to make this grumpy face.


2. I thought I was going to look nice, but now I look like Hulk.


3. I wanted to be a rebel, but now I know that’s not my thing. Need a bath, please!


4. You can say whatever you want because I won’t mind, as long as I taste this.


5. Well, this is how an after mud party looks. The fun ends with a cold shower.


6. Today, I brought my friend for his first mud party, but he’s afraid, tho.


7. My human got it wrong because he thought that a mud party was only on my face.


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