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8 Happy Babies Celebrating Bulldog New Years Eve

Featured image by @professionalbulldogs
Well, an amazing year is almost over, and we want to celebrate Bulldog New Years Eve. Therefore, the bullies in Bulldogology town are ready to make you laugh with their funny thoughts. Besides, some of them are going to show you what they do on this days and you’ll see if they like it or not. Similarly, you can show us how are you going to spend the last night of the year.

1.  My dad wants me to skateboard this year. But, I think it’s too hard for me.

2. Goodbye to an amazing year full of bully presents. Thus, we expect the next be better.

3. Is 2018 already? Otherwise, I won’t get out of the tub. So, let me know when December ends.

4. I helped Santa this year because that’s my favorite job during Christmas.

5. No, I don’t want the year to be over yet. And yes, I want to keep the hat.

6. The year is almost over. So, I think we should keep this stuff in the boxes.

7. Time for our farewell trip to celebrate the end of the year. Please, join us!

8. Posing for the last family portrait of the year because is the best time for it.

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