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Bulldog Pumpkin 2017: Is The Amazing Halloween Coming?

Featured image by @bukkel_the_english_bulldog
Maybe, making a Bulldog pumpkin was a little hipster thing. But, now it’s a tradition for most Bulldog owners during Halloween celebration. Therefore, we decided to promote this movement in Bulldogology town. As a result, we found a lot of bully houses full of beautiful decorative pumpkins. Come and see these cuties and please, share yours with us.

1.  I want to present you this piece of art because it represents the best of me

2. Ok, let’s be honest. It’s not the best pumpkin, but my mom tried so hard.

3. There’s a little pumpkin outside the door, waiting for you to visit because we love Halloween.

4. They say they want to make art pumpkin of this. But, I’m planning to eat it.

5. Let’s swim between these pumpkins or let’s just eat them, ok?

6. How about this hat? I think this goes perfectly with my face shape, don’t you think so?

7. Mom, I think you’re the best on this. But, can we please go to get some candy?

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