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Bulldog Quiet Day 2018: Why Bulldogs Love Silence?

Featured image by @jack_thebully
Bulldog Quiet Day 2018 is here for all those bullies who are introvert. Also, for those who are ok to spend time with people, but need some privacy once in a while. So, we prepared a serene celebration where all them can meet each other and feel they’re not as alone as they thought.

1. Sometimes, you just have your priorities right, and that’s it.

2. I’m just celebrating Bulldog Quiet Day. Therefore, I’m not sad.

3. You’re welcome to celebrate Bulldog Quiet Day. But, bring some snacks, please.

4. Come here, and take the sun with me. But, please, don’t talk to me.

5. I’m confused about this celebration because we’re quiet. So, we don’t celebrate.

6. I love the cold sense of snow on my face, and nobody talking to me when I’m walking.

7. No, I won’t talk to you because I already told you I don’t want to go out.

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