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Bulldog Single’s Day: 7 Beautiful Babies Finding Love

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Bulldogology town has a day for each one of their bullies. Last Tuesday, our in love bullies celebrated Valentines Day. Now we have prepared a full day for those who despite going to the mall and got good grooming, didn’t get the chance to fall in love. Although they didn’t find the right one, they’re not less lucky. These beautiful babies are ready to celebrate Bulldog Single’s Day. Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing what they have to say about singleness and how they enjoy dating.

1. The way to a girl’s heart is through food. Ask every woman out there.


2. We’re ready to meet the loves of our lives! Would it be tonight?


3. Do you smell that? Love essence is everywhere, and I’m ready to meet some chicks!


4. Girls out there want a big bear to protect them from this world’s evil.


5. All I can see is love, but love hasn’t found me yet.


6. A good sense of humor is all you need to have. The rest is pure love magic.


7. Don’t even dare to ask me why I’m still single!


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