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Bulldog Sleep Festival 2018: 8 Adorable Babies Celebrating

Featured image by @bulldog.us1
One, two, three, and we go to sleep! Welcome to Bulldog Sleep Festival 2018! And, please, feel free to rest and take as many naps as you can. For one day, we invite our bullies to spend a full day of good sleeping. Therefore, all Bulldogology town is quiet and calm. In consequence, we invite you to chill and enjoy these beauties.

1.  I’m resting. Ok, I’m about to sleep. But, please don’t tell my dad.

2. There’s nothing more amazing than a good sleeping day. Therefore, I raise my cup!

3. When you both love to sleep and eat at the same time because it’s the best thing in the world.

4. I have to say I’m too happy for this festival because all you have to do is to sleep.

5. A good sleeper knows a tongue out is the best expression when sleeping. So, here it goes.

6. So relax here. Thence, I won’t even think about dinner tonight. Ok, maybe, I will.

7. Sleeping is good. But, sleeping with a friend is the best thing in the world.

8. When you have no privacy, and your parents can’t stop from recording you.

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