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Bulldog Spouses Day 2018: Why Bulldogs Love Weddings?

Featured image by @tflexklazas
There’s a particular date in Bulldogology Town, which is Bulldog Spouses Day. And, we celebrate the love and courage of those who said “yes”. Thence, we go and catch Bulldogs participating in weddings. And of course, they love weddings because there’s a lot of food and music.

1. The funny thing is, these guys think they’re the focus of the picture, but they’re not.

2. Is that the cake? If so, I want a piece of it right now! So, take the pic faster.

3. The kiss is adorable. But, it’s time to go for the food and drinks!

4. We were forced to get married. But, at least he is handsome, right?

5. It’s my wedding day. But, I want to take a nap first, so I can look gorgeous.

6. We’re getting late for the celebration. Anyway, we’re just going for the food.

7. When you’re a Bulldog, no matter if your male because you can be where the ladies are.

8. Do I look good? I should because we’re celebrating Bulldog spouses day

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