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Bulldog Sweetest Day 2017: 7 Adorable Bullies

Featured image by @moose.thebulldog
The year is almost over and we couldn’t let it go without celebrating the Bulldog Sweetest Day. In case you didn’t know, during this day, bullies are more than cute. How? Well, they love to spend time with their parents and friends. Besides, they post the pictures making the sweetest things you can imagine. Keep scrolling and enjoy this day as much as we did.

1. I’m trying to be a serious man, but I can’t because it’s an adorable baby.

2. Swee tongue kiss for everybody because it’s Bulldog sweetest day.

3. Sharing some love with this beautiful cousin because we’re too special for each other.

4. I simply love this toy because it’s the most adorable thing and you just have to love it.

5. She’s an adorable mom. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be the sweetest Bulldog alive.

6. Let’s run together, and share the Bulldog sweetest day of this year.

7. Teddy bears are the best toys. Furthermore, they’re perfect for a good night of sleep.

8. A sweet wink for you and all the Bulldog lovers are watching us.

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