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7 Amazing Bulldogs Being Friends With Tattooed People

Featured image by @_bulldogbronson
We love to see our Bulldogs with cats, babies, kids, other dogs, swimming, wearing a costume and more. This time we noticed that our bullies are real fans of tattoo art, and we can’t blame them. These tattooed people have some crazy and amazing ink on their bodies, and despite our dogs can’t get a tattoo, they enjoy posing next to them so they are part of the art. Are you a tattooed bully owner? Send us your best picture next to your Bulldog and enjoy these other tattooed guys with cool Bulldogs.

1. Mommy is a hottie, but don’t look at her so much because I’ll get mad!

2. How cool is this? I’m a tattoo now with other friends! I honestly love tattoos.

3. Has anybody told you that tattoo people have more fun than anyone?

4. Hello! Kisses with tongue out and a cool tattoo for you!

5. Yes! We decided we wanted a tattooed arm for each one of us, so he tattooed both arms.

6. I love her tattoo so much that I want to eat it all.

7. Move! I want to be next to the tattoo for the photo.

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