What is the Cost of Puppy Vaccinations? – 2024 Guide!

Puppies require multiple vaccines to ensure their protection against fatal dog diseases including canine hepatitis, distemper, and rabies. As a result, dog owners must be aware of the financial implications of these necessary vaccinations.

Puppy shots can have varying costs in different states. The cost depends on the veterinarian’s practice and the vaccines given. You can always get your dog vaccinations from some low-cost veterinary clinics if you want to save money.

However, money aside, it is important that you follow your vet-prescribed puppy vaccination schedule. Let us take a look at the puppy shots costs so you can get an idea of how much to pay.

Having been pet parents to three playful pups over the years, we’ve walked through the journey of puppy vaccinations multiple times. We remember our first vet visit with Bella, our Labrador, feeling the pinch of vaccination costs. Yet, watching her play freely outdoors, safe from harmful diseases, assured us it was money well spent. With each vet visit for Max and Coco, we got better at budgeting for these crucial shots. This guide is a blend of our experiences, aiming to ease the financial part of your puppy’s vaccination journey for you.

What Is The Cost of Puppy Vaccinations?

In most states in the United States, the cost of core vaccinations like the rabies vaccine can come to $100-$350 in the first year. After the first year, most vaccines cost between $80-$250 . These may even include noncore shots like Lyme disease and kennel cough or parvovirus Bordetella vaccines.

Here are estimated costs of the various core and noncore vaccine prices in the USA, as of 2023.

  • The DHPP or the Da2PP vaccine is a 5-in-1 vaccine. These dog vaccinations cost around $20-$60. Your dog will need this vaccine several times in the first year to help protect it from deadly distemper, canine parainfluenza, and canine parvovirus.
  • Leptospirosis vaccine – this is one of the non core vaccines. It can cost between $21-$24 per shot. The price varies from state to state. In Florida, the cost is slightly cheaper. In New York, they charge a bit differently and the leptospirosis shot costs around $23.
  • Rabies vaccination costs – the deadly rabies virus is a zoonotic disease that can impact dogs and humans. It is highly contagious, and once the symptoms arise, there is no treatment. Hence rabies vaccinations are extremely important for dog’s life. The average rabies vaccination costs $25 per shot. Again, the price can vary depending on the state. In Texas, the cost of rabies vaccinations is $25 whereas in Ohio, it is around $24.
  • Bordetella vaccine – costs between $30-$50
  • Lyme vaccine – $20-$40.

How Much Is the 5 in 1 Vaccine for Puppies?

The 5 in 1 vaccine is called DHPP or DaPP. It can protect your puppy’s health from distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza.

Your vet will recommend a puppy vaccination schedule for the DHPP virus and some optional vaccinations like Lyme disease, rattlesnake, etc. based on your puppy’s age. Please remain up to date with the schedule as the vaccine protects dogs against local diseases.

In the USA, it can cost between $30-$75 for three rounds of the DHPP shot for your puppy. The distemper vaccine alone costs $20-$30 in the first year for dogs in most states. According to experts at the AKC, some vets give a combination vaccine called DHLPP.

This vaccine also includes the leptospirosis vaccine. They help build your dog’s immune system with antibodies to protect your furry friend against these fatal diseases.

On average, most dog owners will spend between $75 and $100 for the compulsory vaccines. Naturally, veterinarians in urban areas tend to charge more than those in rural areas.

If you go to animal shelters, you could get your puppy vaccinated for $20, and some shelters even do it for free.

How Much Does the Rabies Vaccine Cost in the USA?

As per the AKC, in most states, the rabies vaccine cost for puppies is between $15-$20. Some low cost clinics associated with animal shelters and rescue homes for dogs may do the vaccination for free or for a subsidized amount.

The price of the rabies vaccine is higher in some states, like New York. Also, the veterinary practice you go to could decide the cost of each rabies shot for dogs.

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How Much Does the Parvo Shot Cost?

Parvo shots can cost anywhere between $20-$100 and most veterinarians charge $30-$40 for each parvo shot.

However, since parvo shot is available in the 5-in-1 DHLPP vaccine, it is not given separately. Thus, you’d pay between $30-$75 for three vaccine rounds, which include the parvo boosters. Some pet insurance may cover these puppy early care costs.

How Many Shots Do Puppies Need Before Going Outside?

Young puppies require the compulsory first round of shots at 6-8 weeks, with booster shots at ten to twelve weeks, and again at sixteen to eighteen weeks.

With these vaccines, your little pet or adult dog will be protected from deadly canine diseases if they come in contact with other dogs. The vaccines equip the dogs’ immune systems so they can build protective antibodies against these diseases. Remember the cost of vaccines will be a lot less than preventive care your pet needs.

You can take your dog outside for a walk or to the dog park a week after its second round of vaccinations. 

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Here is a brief puppy’s vaccination schedule 

  • First vaccinations are between six to eight weeks – A dog needs the mandatory vaccines (DHPP) and noncore vaccines, bordetella, and canine influenza.
  • Between 10-12 weeks – your dog needs core vaccines (DHPP) and non core vaccines for leptospirosis, Lyme disease, and canine influenza.
  • Between 14-16 weeks, your dog will need the core or compulsory vaccines DHPP and rabies. Noncore vaccines of leptospirosis, Lyme disease, and canine influenza.
  • Annual and 3-Year – A dog needs the rabies injection (as per state law), and noncore vaccines of leptospirosis, Lyme disease, bordetella, and canine influenza.

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What Puppy Shots Are Needed if you Bring Your Dog to the USA?

Dogs traveling into the United States will need to show proof of certain vaccinations. Firstly, the dog should be at least 6 months old and appear healthy and alert upon arrival. Unvaccinated dogs are not allowed in the country.

The CDC also requires that the dog is microchipped and gets a rabies shot. If the rabies vaccine is given in another country, proof of the same should be submitted. The proof should clearly state the dog’s age, date of vaccination, and expiration date of the vaccine. The dog should ideally be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian at or after 12 weeks of age.


What are the 5 puppy vaccinations?

The five dog vaccinations, or the 5-in-1 vaccination, help protect your puppy from canine distemper virus, canine parainfluenza, canine hepatitis, parvovirus, and kennel cough. These diseases can cause severe weakness and abdominal pain. without treatment, it can cause kidney failure in pets.

What is the 7 in 1 vaccination for puppies?

In addition to canine distemper virus, canine parainfluenza, canine hepatitis, parvovirus, and kennel cough, the 7-in-1 dog vaccine also offers protection against coronavirus enteritis and leptospirosis. it allows for fewer shots and the annual cost is around $200.

Is the 5-in-1 vaccine safe for puppies?

Yes, the 5-in-1 vaccine is absolutely safe for puppies as young as 6 months old. Pet owners must always choose to vaccinate instead of believing non-scientific reports about vaccine safety.

What is the cost of vaccinating adult dogs?

Most pet parents will spend between $75-$120 annually on vaccinations combined with wellness checkups/preventative care and flea and tick prevention for their adult dogs. The rabies shot is given annually, or once every 3 years, as per state laws. Some pet insurance may cover these puppy vaccinations cost.

Conclusion – How Much Do Puppy Shots Cost

The annual cost of canine vaccinations depends on several factors like your area of residence and the vet’s practice. On average, the cost comes to $120 in the first year. In some states, and depending on the veterinary practice, you could spend almost $230. Some pet insurance companies can cover these shot costs.

After the first year, the puppy shots cost between $75-$100 which may or may not include deworming and flea and tick prevention.

In any case, don’t try to save a few bucks as preventative care for these diseases can be even more expensive.

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