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Festival Of Sleep Day: 7 Beautiful Bulldogs In Pajamas

Featured image by @coatsmadebyde
You’re a person who always wants more sleep time after the holidays? Then, this Festival of Sleep Day was created for guys like you. Many of us have to go to the school, work or any other place, but guess who’s going to enjoy this Festival the entire day? Our bullies! They love this day as much as we do, and they prepare nice pajamas for this day. They play a lot, but they also take long naps. Scroll down and take a look at this beauties!

1. I want Santa come back and give me more toys!

2. Next holidays, I promise not to eat so much. But now, let’s go to sleep.

3. Please, tell me I look good so that I can get to sleep.

4. Don’t look at me like that! I am not going to clean that mess ou made.

5. I’m freezing! Give me some sugar, please.

6. It’s a very hot place where we live. That’s why I need these fresh pajamas.

7. Twin pajamas power! We’re ready for a nap day and eat delicious stuff.

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