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Funny Baby Adventures: Why Do Bulldogs Love Babies?

Featured image by @dunkin_and_lucy
Prepare for a high dose of love and cuteness.If you’re pregnant and worried about how your Bulldog is going to take the new member of the family, or maybe you already have a little kid and want to have a bully, then this post might help you. We know that Bulldogs not only have a strong character, but they also have a good body strength, but the fact is that they love babies and don’t mind spend time with them as their older sibling. Watch these adorable moments between the most loved ones of the house.

1. I smell those little fingers were touching mom’s cake. I got you!

2. Why do you like photos so much? I can’t even smile like you do.

3. He thinks I’m his pillow. I have no problem with that, but I can’t move.

4. Huh! You thought this piece of food was for you? I don’t think so.

5. Can you please give my toy. I think it’s pretty obvious it’s a bone for dogs.

6. Hey, girl! Are you ready for a ride? Let’s explore the house.

7. Trust me; mom will know that you ate the cookies when she smells that diaper.

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