How To Make Your Bulldog Popular? [9 Amazing Ways That Work]

featured image by @bulldogfanworld

Wondering how some Bulldogs get a lot of online followers and fans? Do you want your Bulldogs to get the same popularity or even more? Then read on! This could be your Bulldog’s chance to get noticed online, or on social media like Facebook or Instagram. You maybe one of those Bulldog owners who like their Bulldogs to get featured in a blog, get a lot of “Awwwee, how cute” comments, or even become a commercial model on dog products. Whether you want any or all of the above, this tips that you are going to see below are the top ones that work and that you probably should bookmark or write on your notebook or on the wall of your Bulldog’s house.

1. Don’t just take cute photos, but also make it special. Bulldog in a camouflage backpack is a rare find.


2. Have them pause in a creative way… actually very creative just like this.  A little special pause always do the trick. Your Bulldog have it’s own special trick that should do the magic.


3. Turn them into a different animal. Experimenting on what works really works! Some people like to watch variety that’s why Katy Perry wear different types of wigs. 


4. Train them to develop high self-confidence and feel good about themselves. Bulldogs who are proud and love themselves tend to look better and happier in photos and attracts more followers. Remember the quote “Like attracts like”.


5. Show off their talents. If you think your Bulldog has a special talent, don’t hide them. Show them to the world and encourage them to pursue their passion.


6. Start their online presence early . The earlier the better and the more the merrier.


7. Don’t forget important details. Wrinkles, markings and that “you know what I am thinking” facial expressions are what make Bulldog lovers love them. So show them more often and all the time if you can.


8. Train them to be sweet, kind and helpful, if you think they aren’t there yet. These are the qualities that make human popular and loved and they also apply to Bulldogs


9. And most of all, just love them and let them be. There is nothing more special than a Bulldog raise with love. Let Bulldogs be Bulldogs!


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