How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

Dogs possess an intrinsic friendliness and affection, making them keen on engaging with humans. For some dog owners, this translates to their furry companion eagerly jumping on visitors as a sign of their affection.

While it may appear to be an innocent action, it can become annoying and potentially harmful to the individual who is being leapt upon.

In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on how to stop your dog from jumping on people. Keep reading to find out more!

But before proceeding to some tips.

Let us learn why dogs jump on people. What does this jumping behavior entail?

Why Your Dog Jumps?

What’s up with your dog? Is he jumpy or just excited to see you? Many people think that their pet is doing something wrong when in reality, the reason may be more complex than they realize!

  • A canine’s natural tendency has always been considered “to get up-close and personal.” This habit comes from our wolf ancestors, who would greet each other at a short distance by touching noses or mouth before grappling one another tightly around neck corners.
  • As opposed to fighting further away from where safety could exist even though both parties were fully armed with sharp claws bared ready for battle. This type of avoidance behavior happens today too surprisingly often.
  • There’s nothing quite like the joy of being greeted by a wagging tail and wet nose. However, having their dog jumps on them can be anything but enjoyable for some dog owners.

Not only is it unhygienic to have your dog jumping up on you, but it can also be dangerous if they happen to leap onto someone with a fragile condition.

  • If your dog jumps on people, it can be embarrassing and potentially dangerous. Fortunately, there are ways to stop your dog from jumping up.
  • The dog’s jumping is a habit that many people do not understand. Some experts have said it about why dogs jump and what they can contribute to an individual’s daily life with this behavior disorder, but there are still more questions than answers at hand here!
  • A lot of us don’t realize when our pup starts up on his hind legs like he springs out from underfoot or bends over backward while letting loose with one helluva loud yip. All you hear then are these little squeaky noises going everywhere around him. Suddenly, everything goes deathly silent again.

The basic or general notion?

  • The dog will jump when it’s excited or happy. It can be due to fear, excitement about something that has just happened (like a visitor arriving on your doorstep), haven’t been appropriately greeted by its owner, etc.
  • When you see this behavior in one of the members at home – how would you react? What kind of response do you want from them to make things worse than necessary!
  • The best way then would depend upon what caused all those feelings inside our furry friends. Was there an accident with another animal recently?

What now?

  • As said earlier, dogs can be a lot of fun, but they also require some work. If you want your dog to listen when commands are given and not jump on people or other animals, then they need to learn what jumping means first!
  • The easiest way is by using treats as an incentive – just hold one in front of their nose until he stops jumping (or close enough) before giving him the treat. So, there isn’t any confusion about why this action gets rewarded with food instead.

So how can you stop your dog from jumping on people? Check out the following tips!

Tips to Stop Your Dog From Jumping

how to stop dog from jumping on people

Teach your dog to stop jumping on people. Here’s how:

Lessen Emotional Dramas Upon Home Arrival

Come home to a dog that is happy and ready for you. Greetings from your furry friend!

Footage of a dog walking through its home and greeting people as they come in from work or school is shown. Your tone changes to show that this behavior can be reduced if you take the time out for training when your pet gets too excited about seeing you again after being away.

Teach your dog not to be so eager by giving more love than attention. Take his leash out first before letting himself greet you in person! This way will train your furry friend slowly over time.

Moreso, this may be even teaching him what types of cues mean “It’s okay,” versus something else entirely.

Do the Four on the Floor Rule

The Four on the Floor rule is a great way to prevent your dog from jumping. If you notice them starting their jump, redirect it with an exciting command such as “Sit!” and wait for them to complete this action before giving feedback through commands or threats alike.

If all else fails…

This, we know, can happen sometimes. Use distraction techniques like playing music loud while walking near fences where liability isn’t legally bound.

Follow the Four on the Floor rule, and your dog will be a happy camper. Keep him from jumping by following this simple tip.

Train Your Dog an Exclusive Behavior

Train your dog to stop jumping by teaching them a new behavior. When you tell the animal, “Jump!” It will do whatever it takes for its command, like sit down or stay put!

The dog jumping exercise will be a lot more fun for your pup if you do it in mutually exclusive ways. Teach him how to jump on one side only, then have the other dogs join in as well so they can see what’s going down!

However, this is only if his energy gets too much. This also means teaching him how signals work on leashes, so they know what good behavior looks like without being told directly.

Leash Dog When Visitors Come Over

How to train your dog to stop jumping

Leash your dog whenever you have guests at home, and they’ll be sure to stay on their best behavior.

Don’t let a slight jump from time-to-time ruin the experience for everyone else! Keep him close so that only one person at once can interact with others or pets in an area while walking through it.

Repetition builds skillfulness–the shorter something must get before being unlearned completely, generally speaking.

Leashing your dog is a great way to keep him from jumping on visitors.


It remains important that you do this when he’s excited. If the animal has been trained well enough in training techniques like obedience commands and calmness exercises, then leash walking may not be necessary at all times for this purpose. Just give them some attention with patience!

Put Behavior Command Centerstage

Jumping dogs are always a pain. They’re so quick to jump on you, and they can be destructive when playing in their playgroup with other animals or humans!

One way helpful is by teaching my dog “no” before she performs this behavior. All it takes is one word from me (usually “stay”) for her whole body language to change towards submission while looking away from any interactions happening at present.

Train Your Dog an Alternative Greeting Behavior

Your dog is always excited to see you. He can’t help it! This means that sometimes their animal behavior may be inappropriate. In particular, when he jumps on people or other animals without permission.

When we greet our service dogs at work, they know what needs to be done before the client arrives, so there isn’t much need to shout out instructions because everyone knows.

Need some more training.

So, you’ll want to work on training your dog some other behavior instead. Try teaching him how much fun it’s always best when he is calm and happy by using treats for more pleasant interaction!

Stop Guests From Approaching Straight

Don’t let your dog jump!

If he starts to approach, tell him “No!” and make sure he understands why. Then put away any food that may be tempting for a moment so you can retake control of his mind by speaking clearly while looking into his eyes slowly. Couple this with an authoritative tone until calmness was restored in both parties.

When a person approaches you with an excited dog, it’s essential to keep them at arm’s length, so they don’t accidentally hurt your pup. Teach him the word “no,” and then use this as his cue when he starts jumping around or getting too close for comfort!

The best way to stop someone from approaching your dog is by telling him that you don’t want the animal jumping. You can say things like “dogs aren’t meant for jumping” and “they could get hurt.” memorable for future use!

Give Treats to Reward Your Pup

When you’re out with your pup, be prepared for the worst! Keep treats in hand and ready to reward good behavior. If he jumps on people or things, give him one of those tasty goodnesses. This way, his eagerness won’t worsen than it already is when walking near other dogs without warning them first (which could lead to an aggressive interaction).

When you see your pup starting to get excited, take a step away from the door and reward them with something tasty. This will help calm things down for both of us!

You can reward your pup for good behavior with treats. Handing out one or getting it ready in advance will ensure that you reward the desired action. Also, provide an incentive to continue this type of response through time!

Allow Guests to Pet Your Dog Wit Treats

 Teaching Dogs Not to Jump on People

Your guests can pet your dog and give him a treat as long he remains seated. If your pup jumps around excitedly or barks at something, then he must be corrected with “No.” When training new commands for the leashes, make sure not only do you have control over your pet’s actions.

If the dog jumps or runs around, give him a verbal cue and place him in his seat again with some treats for being good! Make him comfortable eating from your hand while sitting patiently next to you.


Take hold of both ends of the leash if it’s not already attached. Walk slowly toward someone else who has his leash out, ready to greet another friend arriving at any time.

FAQs on Teaching Dogs Not to Jump on People

Check these questions frequently asked by dog owners and lovers on dog jumping issues.

How do I train my dog not to jump on visitors?

You can do a few things to train your dog not to jump on visitors. One is to have him sit or lie down when guests arrive and only allow him to greet them once they’ve had a chance to pet him.

Finally, make sure you reward the dog for staying calm and not jumping up.

How do I stop my big dog from jumping on people?

You can do a few things to train your dog not to jump. One is to make sure that you don’t pet or talk to him when your dog jumps. This will only reinforce the behavior. Instead, turn away and ignore your dog until he calms down. Then calmly pet him and give him a treat.

Another thing you can do is put your dog on a leash when meeting people and have someone hold the other end of the leash. This will help keep your dog under control and prevent him from jumping.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found these tips on how to stop your dog from jumping on people helpful. If you liked this post, we’d love it if you commented below and shared it with friends or family members who might be interested in learning about the best ways to train their canine companion!

Remember that training takes time and consistency, so don’t give up. With a bit of patience, practice, and persistence, your pup will soon learn not to jump when they greet someone new at the door!

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