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Holidays Adventures: Last Bulldog Party Of The Summer

Featured Photo Credit: @lucatheenglishbulldog
Few days left to come back to the reality! It’s been so many days of fun, relaxation, new adventures and more, so we really wish it never ends, right? You’re not the only one who wishes these free days get to the end, but sunny days at the pool and the beach must stop for a while and these Bulldogs know it perfectly, so they decided to rock on some parties for the last time this summer and we caught them the day after with some cool pictures that show us how they feel after they had so much fun last night.

1. I don’t know how did I get here with these dudes today. Somebody help me!

2. We should run so mom can’t notice we didn’t sleep at home last night.

3. Let’s eat a lot and get recovered so we can party today too.

4. This is not how it supposed to end. We don’t wanna be in jail.

5. Why couldn’t I drink just water last night?

6. Man, the trick is looking fly after a big night!

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